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schotel van de dag : untitled

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  1. wake up
  2. jweetog
  3. artillery
  4. riedel
  5. work it
  6. rio
  7. protect us from paradise
  8. walkintalkin by the dikwijls
  9. aim & blame


Showcase – Launch Party

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finally, it’s out!

yup, that’s correct
we kept our promise, eventhough we are a bunch of lazy assholes.

take a listen to our new tracks!

it’s only 2 euros and sometimes we even toss ‘m around for free at one of our shows.

so there you go!
schotel van de dag.

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podcast whut? Underkast! yes

de scene is levendig! onze vrinden van Kompact rekorder maken af en toe een podkast met wat zij leuk vinden. Een leuke manier om eens wat nieuwe dingen te horen.

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welcome bears & gals

beep! beep! back up the truck

all new, all fresh. read all about it.

we’ve arrived at our new label beep! beep! and made it big time now!
to keep the executives happy we’ve recorded five new songs at mailmen which we’ll be releasing in september this year. it’s our first official release, so we’re kinda excited and all ‘whoop-di-whoop’ about it. johan and sander are creating the artwork as we speak and mastering is still on the to-do list. but, to keep you happy as well, we’ve already released one of the songs on the beep! compilation track Behold My Puny Bears, vol I.


New album and more…

We are working on a new album at the moment. Recordings are scheduled for this summer, so hopefully you’ll be able to listen to our new stuff this year. Some tours are planned, and we’ll do a few showcases here and there in the Netherlands, starting from this saturday (31st of May) on the Beep! Beep! Showcase. Be There!

Beep! Beep! is alive!

Free Music for all!” That’s what we said, and that’s what we’ll give you. Read the rest of this entry »

Behold my puny bears, VOL I. sampler op de 3voor12 luisterpaal

For the next ten days you can listen to the Beep Beep sampler, Behold my puny bears, VOL I. on the VPRO 3voor12 luisterpaal. Make sure you do!

Sir Big Boss Nicolai also did an interview with 3voor12 about our label, so if you understand dutch listen to is or read the article.

Showcase – Rotterdam

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looking back at: the pAper chAse

We had the pAper chAse over for our monthly Vette Analoge Shit. Needless to say, it was sweet, and awesome and all that good stuff. To re-live good times, or to rubb salt in in your wounds of stupidity & absence, check out our video and lizzies pics. Read the rest of this entry »