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Albums of the year according to us!

As ABBA once said:

May we all have our hopes, our will to try
If we dont we might as well lay down and die


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Beep! Beep! and Ham Radio say:

Beep! Beep! and Ham Radio Communications are hosting a showcare on this years Eurosonic Fest. Stay tuned for more info.

Paper Tiger Tourverslag Completo!

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23-01-09; The Walt & Kismet

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Remix The Walt! (and win some prizes)

The Walt delivered not only a brand-new spanking E.P. but they also decided to publish all 150 separate studiotracks under the Creative Commons licence to show their support for the modern remix culture and, of course, in hope of hearing some kick-ass remixes! So start remixen and win some prizes while you’re at it. Read the rest of this entry »

Paper Tiger Tour Report #1

Onze vrinden van 3voor12utrecht hebben het eerste deel van le grand Paper Tiger Tour Report gepost. Beter lees je het. En over beter gesproken: beter kom je vanavond (03-12-08) naar de ACU om onze jongens en hun kameraden Snailhouse

live in aktie te bezichtigen. AUF!

schotel-update #2

hi there again loyal fan and faithful reader

first off, as promised, the juicy stuff:

turns out some people might have misinterpreted the previous blog,
please people, don’t worry, we’re not splitting up. yet.

as a matter of fact, we’re currently trying to straighten things out for our upcoming split with Lost Bear.
The squat in Nijmegen wasn’t such a good idea, they’ll be tracking their stuff somewhere in an old WW-II-hide-out-kind-of-bunker-building.

Being even poorer bums than the homeless animals we’ll share our split-7″ with, WE still have to find a suitable and affordable place to record our tracks. (That is if our plan A of ‘breaking-in-the-newground-studio-at-night-and-record-for-free’ won’t work, since we’re not really good burglars).

Anyways, the songs are beginning to sound pretty much like some kind of ugly machinery waiting to fail anytime soon. Which is, of course, always a good sign to us.
Our side of the split will probably contain 3 hard and fast songs and something of an inbetweener (or weener, if you like)
We’re gonna try making it sound huge, the drummer (which is in fact, me) has bought some oversized drums which should help in our everlasting quest for the trembling of the earth’s core. (ok, got a little carried away..)

What this all means:
i have no clue.
No, it means we’re still rehearsing every week, drinking enough (and sometimes a little less. no really mum.),
got a couple of half-finished songs extra, are still open to donations, finally got sander to wear decent pants, and more-over, that this is just an extra post to fulfill the promise of keeping this crapass blog up to date.

see you again in a month or something.
perhaps we’ll post some pre-recordings, not sure, but there’s a chance!


by the way, be sure to check us out on myspace (it contains the exact same blogs, except for this last sentence. doh.)

Livingroom tour 2009

11-12 Cul du sac – Tilburg
12-12 House – Utrecht reserveer
13-12 House – Enschede reserveer
17-12 Pakhuis Wilhelmina – Amsterdam
19-12 Winter Welvaart festival – Groningen
20-12 Live in the Living – Eindhoven reserveer

the Black Atlantic

the Black Atlantic – Dandelion

the Black Atlantic gooit op dit moment hoge ogen met haar wonderschone folk/pop. Sinds september 2009 tot ver in 2010 touren zij de hele wereld over. Voor lief hebbers van Fleet Foxes & Bon iver.


Kismet – Phnom Penh 1974

Kismet staat bekend om zijn dynamische, gelaagde indie rock die normaal refereert naar the Get up kids, Cursive en Bloc Party. Tijdens deze huiskamer tour wordt daar een akoestische draai aan gegeven. Luister hier alvast naar de akoestische uitvoeringen.


het Gloren

het Gloren – Une flute

Het Gloren experimenteert met de Nederlandse taal. De overzeeballade, een klaagzang, kleine liedjes en grote gebaren over dingen die gaan zoals ze gaan.