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Pictures of Eurosonic

A picturepost ladies and gents. Of our supadupa Eurosonic crazydeluxespecialpriceforyoumyfriend showcase we hosted with our friends of Hamradio. No Text. Just Pics. Enjoy.  Read the rest of this entry »

Some reviews, some photo’s, some news.

The Walt says:

Our EP has done quite well the last months. We got some nice gigs out of it, received some excellent reviews and thought it be nice to share it with you people. Read the rest of this entry »

Beep!s Tip of the Day:

Our friends at Subbacultcha are hosting a must-see show, so we post their must-see flyer.

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Maybe you should just take the month off!

Darkness retreats and eventhough it takes sometime before summers here we’ve decided to add an extra cherry to your midwinter cocktail!

We have already told you february was going to be a crazy month. Well here’s the dealio! Since we all love the new Parts and labor album, we simply could not resist to serve them to you. Only thing you have to do is to tell your Boy or Gal your weekends are already planned for next month. Read the rest of this entry »

Vette Analoge Shit: 15-02-09

Come and check out some previews, baby. Read the rest of this entry »

blog #63059-recording progress/bonus song

Aloha and happy newyear, internet-buddies!

hope you guys had a blast eating stuffed turkeys and trying to finally get rid of that fucking liver.

I was planning for the first new blog of 2009 to contain good news in the form of new songs, studio-pictures, videos and all kinds of startling gossip. Read the rest of this entry »

A sneak-a-peak at Hiatus

Dear faceless reader. Now we’re all digital and 100110101like, I feel like we don’t even know each other any more. I mean, here we are, five young fellas who just collectively gave birth to a little baby named ‘Hiatus’, and you – faceless friend – didn’t even go so far as to step in and say the obligated:

“oww my god! isn’t she adorable!”
Well, this is your chance. Read the rest of this entry »

The Walt on Fabchannel

As some of you might know The Walt was chosen to be one of the three local heroes in the december issue of LiveXS. Besides getting some gigs set up, they got a Fabchannel video from their show in Paradiso, which you dear sir, are going to watch right now. Read the rest of this entry »

Kismet : Hiatus

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  1. white castle
  2. we are all so busy
  3. holiday
  4. TV on
  5. send me a note
  6. all is good
  7. brighter, weather
  8. phnom penh 1974
  9. same story, different name

Produced by Menno Bakker & Kismet.
Recorded and mixed at Bunt Studio.
Mastered by Zlaya Hadzich & Menno Bakker at Studio 150.