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February’s Newletter

We’ve already spammed the shit outta you. But for those who missed it; here’s our february’s newletter. Want to receive ‘em nice and easy into your mailbox in the future? Sign up by mailing us at info [at] beepbeep.nl. Our automatic signup thingy will be online very soon. Promise. Read the rest of this entry »

The Walt ‘Demo of the Month’

The prestigious German music magazine Visions declared The Walt’s EP ‘Something we did not have’ the Demo of the Month in the january edition. We are very pleased with this win, especially since the honour is normally reserved for German bands only. Read the very pleasant review here. Read the rest of this entry »

Kismet on De Luisterpaal

Head over to 3voor12s Luisterpaal to listen to the complete album ‘Hiatus’ by Kismet. Do us a favour and vote!

As of saturday the 28th of feb, you’ll be able to download the complete album here on beepbeep.


Kismet Releaseparty

Kismet will be releasing their long-awaited debut ‘Hiatus‘ the 27th of february in db’s, together with Crystal Stilts. Expect 9 beautiful songs, 5 beautiful (but slightly aging) fellas on stage and free cocktails when you walk into that door (no joke).

To be of service, we’ve included some previews of both bands and a handy route description.

See ya’ll friday! No excuses.

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looking back at: V.A.S. 07-02-09

Last week we had Parts & Labor coming over for a late night session in db’s. In all honesty we have to say that this band is fan-fucking-tastic. The videos, on the other hand, are not. But that won’t stop you from loving them, I hope. Check ‘em out, you stonefaced video watcher you! Read the rest of this entry »

looking back at: V.A.S. 07-11-2008

Vette Analoge Shit, that is. And this edition brings you the videos of Belanov, Mr. Daniel Higgs and The New Year. As you’ve come to expect of us, we make a video of every band which performs at our Vette Analoge Shit evenings. To see the whole catalogue head over to our Vimeo page. It’s nice. Read the rest of this entry »

feb.blog, pre-mixes, photos; quick update!

hey there fans and mothers

welcome to the february-update by Schotel van de dag!
just a quick one:
we’ve been pretty busy recording, drums are done, bass is done, guitar is almost done, organ and vocals are going to be recorded in the upcoming 2 to 3 weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

Parts and Labor!

That’s tonight, baby. Click the flyer and have a listen. See you tonight!

O, and you can get yourself some free tickets here.

Saturday 7 February


Parts and labor (late show!) (myspace)
preview: The Ceasing now

Volle, intense, experimentele indierock uit de Jagjaguwar stal (bekend van Bon Iver, Okkervil river en Sunset Rubdown).

where: db’s, utrecht
route: description
cost: 5,-
start: 00:00
this show on last.fm

Beep! Radio 2009

Yes ma’am, we’ll be continuing are off-the-hook radio show in 2009. There’s a little renovation planned as well. More live performances, phone-interviews and things that’ll make you go ha-ha.

Anyway, we still haven’t lost our good taste. Behold last weeks playlist!
You have to go to utracks to listen the show. We can’t host it ourselves cause buma is a bitch.

  1. Crystal Stilts – The Dazzled
  2. Kismet – Same story, different name
  3. Creaky Boards – The songs I didin’t write
  4. Oxford Collapse – Young love delivers
  5. Parts & Labor – The Ceasing now
  6. Organisms – Hot Hands
  7. Rolo Tomassi – I love turbulance
  8. The Bronx – Heart attack American
  9. We vs Death – Pictures from Stellenbosch
  10. Obits – Put it in Writing
  11. Schotel van de Dag – Protect us from paradise
  12. Stairs to Nowhere – Cyanide

PT on the Radio!

During the Snailhouse & Paper Tiger Tour our duopenotti-duo visited a radiostudio in Italy where they did some accoustic songs. One of wich is brand spanking new. There’s some youtube video’s of the performances, so go ahead and watch ‘em (there’s a snailhouse vid included).

Say no to beards, ladies! Read the rest of this entry »