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We vs. Death Release Party

We vs. Death will present their new album ‘A Black House, A Coloured Home’ the 11th of April in Tivoli, de Helling. They’ll share the stage with their friends Toktek, Jelle Buma and I am Oak.

Order your tickets online asap at Tivoli.

Are you a curious little fellow and can’t wait so long? Well, then download the complete album today at Mininova. The very special hardcopy is also available as pre-order for only 10 euro’s.

Some pictures of the arwork included below. Read the rest of this entry »

Beep! Beep! joins forces with Mininova

We needed some good distribution for our online and offline repertoire. We got ourselves the best.

Mininova now offers you our complete digital discography for free plus all of the available hardcopies at reduced prizes.

As a bonus, we’ve published We vs. Deaths upcoming release ‘A Black House, A Coloured Home‘ as a free download. If you want to be the first to have this special package at home, you can now order it at Mininova!

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The Walt Locals Only 2009?

Could be. But then we’ll need your vote. So go to your digital voting booth and help us out!
Locals Only is an interesting competition by magazine Live XS to select the three best ‘unsigned’ bands of last year. The lucky three  get to tour the country and get some good old media attention.  One winner is chosen by the public, two by the jury. Read the official press notice by Live XS below.


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Schotel van de dag / Lost Bear Release Party

Yesterday, we had a blast at the We vs. Death release party in a packed Tivoli de Helling. No time to reminisce though, already we are preparing the next release. And this is going to be a special one. Behold:

Schotel van de dag and Lost Bear will serve up their new 10″ split while we’ll serve freshly baked pancakes to all visitors. That’s not enough for you? Ok, we’ll through in some shows by Artificial Audio, Kokomo, Three in one gentleman suit and Killed by 9V Batteries. You have no excuses left, buddy! See you 18th of April in db’s! Read the rest of this entry »

We Love Buma/Stemra

cause they make us look sooooo good.

Look at us being the Internets pet

Our friends over at Jamendo wrote a nice little article about us titled “internet is our friend and free music downloads are awesome!
Read the article pronto. Thanks to Jamendo you can now embed our latest releases on your own crappy-ass website.

March-schotel-blog: tracks finished, artwork on the way

Dear brothers from another mother!

It’s been exactly a month ago since I updated this, hooray for punctuality, one of my best features.
And as you might have already noticed, punctuation is going to be my next. (God, those two lines took me ages to type.) Read the rest of this entry »

Mr. Beep! is that a new jacket you’re wearing?

Why, yes, my puny beholder. How nice of you to notice.
- No problem at all. I just noticed. So, yeah.
[...] yeah.
- yeah.
[awkward silence]

- Uhm…do you wanna tell me a little bit about your new jacket?
For gods sake man! I just want this awefull writing to stop. I’ll tell you about it. Read the rest of this entry »

A sneak-a-peak at A Black House…

‘A Black House, A Coloured Home’, the second full-length album by We vs. Death will  be released the 11th of April in Tivoli de Helling. Crazy rumours are spreading that these instrumental post-rockers actually started singing. Can it be true?!

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The Walt on Gonzo Compilation

Gonzo Circus Magazine presents it’s second compilation album, compiled with the help of our friends at Simuze. There seems to be plenty of talent walking the smooth earth of Holland, being that the circus choose to publish not one but two cd’s for this comp. It’s available at track13 for only 8 bucks, including a copy of the magazine, issue #92.
The male models of music a.k.a. The Walt are one of the lucky boys to be heard on the album. Hooray!

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