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Calling All Video Enthusiasts

Yes we’re hiring. Well, hiring isn’t probably the best word since we’re looking for volunteers, but you’ll get our drift.

Every month we host one (or two) Vette Analoge Shits Concerts featuring upcoming international acts and local talent in our favorite venue db’s (with the occasional trip to Tivoli, Ekko or ACU). As an extra feature we make videos of every live-performance and put ‘em online. You’ll find all of our vids here.

The videos are pretty basic at the moment and we really want to make the next step and go for higher quality, a more creative approach….basically give ‘em a little more Tender, Love and Care. And that’s why we need your help. Read the rest of this entry »

Get your silkscreens today

Remember the good old days? We were all fresh and clean. Joyfull. No pubic hair polluting our bodies yet. Your first trip into the big city all by yourself to get that Appetite For Destruction Poster you were saving such a long time for? Ow boy…that takes me back.

Anyway. Yall know we spent a lot of time and effort on our posters so we decided to do them justice by making some handmade silkscreens. Our friends over at Spant Zeefdruk already made two of  ‘em and believe you me, more is on the way. You can now buy a limited edition poster in our shop or at one of our Vette Analoge Shit Evenings. So decorate your room and feel like that innocent little boy you killed so long ago!

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Beep! Beep! Radio 21-04-09

Every last wednesday of the month we host the Beep! Beep! Radio Show over at Utracks. A full hour filled with good music, interviews with local artists and idiotic talk by our two hosts. Good stuff. Since you’re lazy and we’re not, we’ve embedded the latest show here (temporarily available). So sit back, relax, pour yourselve another cup of coffee and click play!

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V.A.S. Great Lake Swimmers, Audiotransparent

Good times, Good times! With an awesome Schotel van de dag/Lost bear release show edition behind us we are now looking forward to the next episode of Vette analoge shit!

On may 2nd, our good Canadian friends of ‘Great lake swimmers’ will serve us with some beautiful songs of their new record named ‘Lost channels’. Alongside our other good friends of ‘Audiotransparent’ from Groningen will also treat us with new material.

But that’s not all! Because on this special night they will also release their special, limited split 7″. All together that would make you quite a tosser if you didn’t show up. So see you there! Read the rest of this entry »

We vs. Death cancels tour

Sadly We vs. Death was forced to cancel their tour. Some things are more important then music. We know you understand. Here’s a statement from the band.

“We are sad to announce that we had to cancel our upcoming European tour because of personal reasons. We’ve informed the venues about this and are thankful for their understanding. We will however play the first three upcoming shows in Gent, Enschede and Duisburg. We promise to try and set up a new European tour a.s.a.p.”

Schotel van de dag / Lost Bear : 10″ Split

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Schotel van de dag

  1. Rintintin
  2. Getal Gelal
  3. Stone Age
  4. Property of Robbery
  5. Cigarette

lost bear

Lost Bear

  1. Hope You’re No Diana
  2. Cheerful Abortion Clinic
  3. Smoke


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BEEP004-2009 We vs. Death – A Black House, A Coloured Home

Formely known for its instrumental indierock with strong rhythm and lush melodies, We vs. Death now presents a new collection of songs. Their second full-length album might surprise you with both noisy and more
quiet songs, and some distinct singing. The album, titled ‘A Black House, A Coloured Home’, was recorded in their self-built studio within fifteen days and fourteen nights and has been released the 11th of April 2009. Read the rest of this entry »

BEEP003-2009 Kismet – Hiatus

We are very proud to present you our first release of 2009, the debut album ‘Hiatus’ by Kismet. For the band this albums means the start of loads of performing and hopefully more good promotion. For us, the album is the kick-off for loads of more great releases scheduled this year.

Come have a look at Hiatus Read the rest of this entry »

Newsletter Mess up

While setting up our new newsletter system, we accidently send out two mails to loads of people from a test database, automatically subscribing them to our newsletter. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We have to ask you to unsubscribe yourselve by using the link in the mail you received. Again…terribly sorry. We are idiots.

We vs. Death : A Black House, A Coloured Home

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  1. The things you did
  2. Hands
  3. The sun
  4. Mirage
  5. Collection of stones
  6. Black map
  7. Golden medals

recorded at newground studio, 2008.
SR035 (sinnbus)