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10 days, 10 cities, 10 livingrooms!

Today the Black Atlantic starts their Dutch house tour with their buddies Rue Royale (usa); 10 days; 10 cities; 10 livingrooms! Well what can we say. I doesn’t get more intimate then that! Read the rest of this entry »

Boom! It’s There! (the Schotel and the Bear)

While our latest release (007) is spreading around the internets like the ILOVEYOU virus Read the rest of this entry »

The Black Atlantic – Reverence for Fallen Trees

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  1. Baiulus
  2. Fragile Meadow
  3. Heirloom
  4. An Ocean and Peril
  5. Old, Dim Light
  6. Walked-On Wood
  7. Dandelion
  8. Madagascar
  9. Reverence for Fallen Trees
  10. I Shall Cross This River

Beep! Beep! Back up the truck
In A Cabin With


The Black Atlantic – Reverence for Fallen Trees

Gather around, my lovely bears! We are very proud to present you our seventh official Beep! Beep! release:

The Black Atlantic – Reverence for Fallen Trees.

As of today you’ll be able to download the complete album, plus you can pre-order the very beautiful cd or the deluxe vinyl edition! Read the rest of this entry »

Kismet – Seven Songs Of Our Previous Record…


DOWNLOAD Seven Songs… (inluding artwork)
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€ 5,-)

Seven Songs Of Our Previous Record “Hiatus” Performed Acoustically So They’ll Sound A Little Different But Not Necessarily Worse

  1. send me a note (acoustic)
  2. all is good (acoustic)
  3. tv on (acoustic)
  4. we are all so busy (acoustic)
  5. Phnom Penh 1974 (acoustic)
  6. White Castle (acoustic)
  7. same story, different name (acoustic)

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All songs written and performed by Kismet.
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Regtop.
Recorded 17th june 2009 at Studio dB’s.
Mastered by Juno Jimmink.
Artwork by Sacha van den Haak.


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V.A.S. 28-08-09; Tiny Vipers

We’ll be hosting a last minute Vette Analoge Shit at the – always special – Kargadoor, the 28th of august.  So you better reschedule that appointment you have and make sure to join us watching:

Tiny Vipers & The Puddle Parade

‘Life On Earth’ is the new album by Tiny Vipers and will be released at Sub Pop. It will bring you hypnotizing songs filled with repetitive guitar riffs and the specific voice of Jesy Fortino. Made us think of Beach House and a little Throwing Muses.

The Puddle Parade is based in our own little Utrecht and will present you some delicate ‘micro-pop’. Bite-sized popmusic with extra flavour (whatever the hell that means).

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Say Hello to The Black Atlantic!

We’re super stoked to welcome The Black Atlantic into our Beep! Beep! family. They’re an acoustic indie pop band from Groningen and if you don’t know ‘em yet, damn it, it’s about time. We’ve posted two exclusive previews of their upcoming album here, so come inside! Read the rest of this entry »

Vinyl is coming!

Remember this one? Seems like ages ago, doesn’t it.

We had to save the day on the Schotel van de Dag / Lost Bear Release party (april this year) with some handmade promo’s of the album because the announced 10″-split was delayed. The company we ordered the vinyl is called Media Sourcing and for weeks these guys kept coming up with new excuses for the delay. Then they became all quiet and eventually we learned they were actually out of business. Bye, bye vinyl basically.

It took us a while to reorganize the groups but in the end we decided to place a new order with another company. So for all the people who bought the promo and are still waiting for their album: You Will Get Your Vinyl. Promise.

We expect the vinyl to arrive within a few weeks and just to tickle your appetite: check out the digital tunes.

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Kismet Acoustic preview

As you might remember Kismet recorded an acoustic live set consisting of seven Hiatus-songs last june. Paper Tigers Chris did the actual recording and mixing and is almost done by now, so it’s time for a little preview.

We’re very excited with the endresult and will be releasing the songs on cd later this month in a modest way, nothing too fancy, and sell it at our shop and at shows. Of course you’ll be able to download the whole thing here as well. We still haven’t decided on a title yet, so your ideas are welcome.

for now, enjoy ‘Send me a note’