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When the lights go out and the shit goes down

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Massive Shop Update

With the arrival of our latest releases our shop is starting to fill up nicely. Today we set down for a long overdue update and spend some quality time with a camera and our new merch.

Of course there’s the new The Black Atlantic CD/LP, but you’ll also find the pre-order for the new Kismet album, our first Cassette by Paper Tiger, loads of Combi/Discount Deals and even a non-beepbeep release in the form of The Subhuman – Sur La Route 7″.

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Look What The Cat Dragged In!

Freaking proud she was! (and so were we for a change)
And guess what! We saved one for you! Go get it! Here!
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Calling it Quits!

Before you start pulling your hair out in torment, let us reassure you: we’ll be releasing records for a long long time to come. But we did pull the plug on our monthly radio show last night. For months our regular Host and his sidekicks hosted the Beep! Beep! Radio Show at Utracks Radio, where they talked about all that’s hip and happening in the city of Utrecht. Well, no more of that. Sorry.
We did come up with some other nice little plans which will be seeing the light shortly. So stay tuned, puny bears. For now, listen to last show and whipe them tears.

Utracks: Beep! Beep! Radio Farewell Show

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Paper Tiger Does Canada, prt.II

We kicked it of yesterday with part one and here’s your freshly baked, new edition with the original title ‘part two’. Paper Tigers Temy will tell you all about their second week in good ol’ Canada where they’re currently touring with the Wind Whistles. Check it, boyyy!  Read the rest of this entry »

Paper Tiger Does Canada, prt.I

Our Paper Tiger boys are doing Canada for a crazy six weeks with their buddies the Wind Whistles. Temy will keep a diary for us loyal fans so we can fill that gaping hole in our hearts with his warm words. Today, we’re starting off with part I. The diary is in dutch, but fear not: pictures are pretty too…
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Amsterdam Acoustics feat. The Black Atlantic

Amsterdam Acoustics is a cool website filled with videos of bands playing acoustic songs in ehm…Amsterdam. Last week The Black Atlantic performed their song Fragile Meadow of their latest record ‘Reverence for Fallen Trees‘. Enjoy.

Amsterdam Acoustics – The Black Atlantic : Fragile Meadow from Amsterdam Acoustics

Aint No Party Like A Release Party!

Friday the 25th of September our latest member of the family will present one beauty of a record named ‘Reverence for Fallen Trees‘. You might’ve seen it floating by on the internet being downloaded almost 30.000 times now and being praised on several websites. But you know us, a proper release needs a hardcopy release, so in db’s we’ll present the six-page digipack plus the limited 12″ vinyl edition of The Black Atlantics debut album. Best be there!

Of course there’s loads more of goodness around that night like Windmill & palloc. Read all about it below! Read the rest of this entry »

Back By Dope Demand!

It will take a little while longer before we drop our awesome new beepbeep-wardrobe. But till that time you can still impress your friends and family with your impeckable taste in clothes cause we’ve reprtinted the classis beep! beep! shirt!

This time we’ve choosen for classy black and casual gray. You can now pre-order these beaties in our shop. We’ll be shipping in about a week from now (let’s say 07-09-09). We only ordered a few so you gotsta be quick, son. You gotsta be quick!

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Paper Tiger is touring Canada

While Geert is touring Europe with The Black Atlantic, our Paper Tiger boys are crossing the Atlantic leaving Europe behind. They will be touring Canada for the next six weeks with their buddies of the Wind Whistles. So if you live in Canada, they will be traveling from the west coast to the east coast and back. Go spent some time with them! It can get lonely on the road!

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