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looking back at: Le Guess Who?

We’re very pleased with our tiny contribution to the allmighty Le Guess Who? Fest. 2009. We had the atmospheric Kargadoor filled to the brim. Nu.nl and 3voor12 were in the house to give their expert opinions (allthough we mostly don’t agree with the latter….mostly).
Why don’t you check out these videos of that night and judge for yourself. Behold! Them Videos!

Ow, and we found this oldy by Audiotransparent from our Vette Analoge Shit night last may, when they teamed up with Great Lake Swimmers. Look at it as your christmas bonus. We won’t charge you extra for this one.

Beep! Beep! designer exposed

It’s common knowledge people love us. But have you ever asked yourself why?
Well, we did. First off, most people are cheap and we don’t charge shit for our tunes. So that’s a no brainer really. Second, we just look good. Don’t deny it, you do feel a little attracted to us, don’t cha? That’s all because of one fella known as The Designer a.k.a. De Haak a.k.a. Cpt. Hook a.k.a. The BeepBeep Host a.k.a. Hasja a.k.a. ‘That Guy Who Is Always Shouting In Your Face And Seems To Has This Weird Obsession With His Tongue By Showing It All The Time‘.

Well, anyway, this guy is in charge of all of our designwork and he’s damn good at it. That’s why dB’s will host an exposition of his work he made for Beep! Beep! You all are more than welcome to come and have a little glas of bubbles with us during the grand opening at this Saturday (5-12), 16:00, dB’s, CAB-Rondom 100, Utrecht. See ya there!

(and yeah..it’s free..cheapo)

here’s what db’s has to say about it:

Opening van alweer een expositie in dBs. Dit keer met werk van Sacha van den Haak, verantwoordelijk voor o.a. het prachtige artwork van de Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck concerten.Voor elk affiche dat hij maakt tekent hij zelf de typografie. De illustraties worden in 1 keer op papier gezet zonder bestaande fonts na te tekenen. Hierdoor ontstaan lettervormen die vaak enigszins vreemd lijken of gewoonweg niet kloppen. De foutjes die onstaan door deze methode worden gecultiveerd en maken deel uit van het ontwerp. Puur, spontaan en verwijzend naar elementen uit de ondergrondse vrije pers uit de jaren zestig/zeventig. Je bent van harte uitgenodigd om de opening bij te wonen, oh en ah te roepen en je te vergrijpen aan hapjes en drankjes.

Looking back at: Clues

While the Le Guess Who? Festival is knocking at our door, we’d like to take a sec and reminisce. Only two weeks ago we hosted the official Le Guess Who? Pre-Party in dB’s with the awesome Clues, and man, did we have a blast. A packed venue and exactly the right tunes to get us in that guess who? mood.
Check out this first vid of Clues (more on the way) and hope to see you tomorrow night at our own show during the festival with Audiotransparent, Moon & Sun and Ryland Bouchard in the Kargadoor.

Attend the exclusive ‘the Black Atlantic’ studio show!

Hey Boys and Gals! This is your chance! Remember the legendary Nirvana MTV unplugged session?
Well on the 2nd of December we’ll be filming a live ‘the Black Atlantic’ studio recording on Full-HD! It’s mighty exclusive and you and your pretty face can be part of it! This precious little gem will not be given away for free, but will be part of a wild wild package that will be distributed world wide.

As for now 30 people are allowed to attend this live registration for the amazing price of €9,99! And that’s not all because you will get a copy for free as soon as the film is finished.
Be quick and get your ticket now! Keep in mind that the filming will take place in Utrecht!

So if you’re that “I was there” kind of person, who loves to brag about it…
(I know we are).
Send an email by clicking HERE and instructions will follow!

if I won't be there, will that make me an ass? YES IT WILL!

Moon & Sun, Audiotransparent & Ryland Bouchard at LE GUESS WHO?

Pffff…Still recovering from the BEEP! BEEP!, LE GUESS WHO? pre-party. Right now we are heading towards the festival itself. So it’s time to get back to work again and tell you what you should do next…iifffff you live in Holland that is!  So I’m going to keep this one nice and short for my self. All text underneath is stolen. Still we do agree more or less ;)

Ow and I included some listening pleasure as well. Check it!

Friday 27th, November @ Kargadoor, Utrecht

Moon & Sun plays the self-invented genre of Apocalypso. The resulting EP ‘Moon & Sun sings Apocalypso’ contains 4 of the most seducing songs that were made this year. Crackly triphop beats and the sultry voice of Tormell, mixed with Carribean rythms and surprising samples.

  1. Moon & Sun – Ashes

Audiotransparent from Groningen is one of The Netherlands’ best and most underrated bands. Their melancholic songs are dressed in tasteful, hypnotic arrangements, with a creative use of strings and samples. Time to check them out and upperrate them! (OK this last sentence I wrote my self)

Ryland Bouchard (ex-The Robot Ate Me) occupies his own odd universe. With a high voice he sings strange indiepop songs on dark topics, such as his schizophrenic mother that was raped in prison by the prison guards, or his extremely religious brother who would regularly beat Bouchard up, for ‘religious’ reasons. Bouchard sometimes plays folk songs with an acoustic guitar, other times he’ll do indiepop with keyboards and drum computers, or he’ll suddenly start playing avant-garde compositions with clarinet and percussion. Live he lets the audience play an important role in the music. Just like Mount Eerie and The Flaming Lips, Ryland Bouchard has the courage to be ambitious and controversial. For the real connoisseurs.

  1. Ryland Bouchard – Climb to the top

Doors: 20:00
Damage: 6 Euro

You can buy your ticket HERE

Kismet; ‘Hiatus’ Performed Acoustically But Not Necessarily Worse

`Seven Songs Of Our Previous Record ‘Hiatus’ Performed Acoustically So They’ll Sound A Little Different But Not Necessarily Worse’


Kismets little gesture to mothers, daughters, openminded hetrosexuals, metrosexuals, homosexuals, and let’s not forget the mainstream. In short. This release might not be suitable for machos, but most definitely is for people who fancy machos. Catch our drift?

These seven songs were recorded in their hometown Utrecht during a live show back in june. They guy who’s responsible for all this would be Chris Regtop, who actually graduated with this project at the School For Awesome & SuperTalented People Who In Fact Are SuperTalented (and most of them awesome) But Problably Will Have To Live Of Government Funding Or Try And Find A Real Job Cuz The Music Bizz Is A Bitch (what’s up with superlong idiotic titles anyways these days?!).

Give these songs a try and download ‘em HERE. If you’d like to buy it, you can find it in our webshop. Or come and pick one up yourself at one of their livingroom shows with The Black Atlantic and Het Gloren
in December. Awesome times! Dates are below.

Tourdates Kismet Livingroomtour:

10.12.09 NL – Rotterdam @ tbc #
11.12.09 NL – Tilburg @ cul du sac *
12.12.09 NL – Utrecht @ house * #
13.12.09 NL – Enschede @ house * #
17.12.09 NL – Eindhoven @ “Live in the Living” * #
18.12.09 DE – Lüdenscheid @ “Germany Record Release show” *
19.12.09 NL – Groningen @ Winter Welvaart festival * #
20.12.09 NL – Amsterdam @ “Live in the Living” * #

* with The Black Atlantic
# with Het Gloren

The Black Atlantic @ 3FM Studio

Sundaynight The Black Atlantic visited the 3FM Radio studios for a little programme called Xnoizz. They participated in the so-called ’1 Hour Service’ in which the band gets a made-up songtitle by a listener of the show and has to write a completely new song in just one hour. In the first vid you’ll hear what the guys came up with. In the second you’ll hear good ol’ Fragile Meadow and a nice interview with the boys (in dutch). Enjoy!

Beep! Beep! does it with LE GUESS WHO?

Some of you may have already noticed a bit of flirting, but now it’s getting hot!

This year, Utrechts annual LE GUESS WHO? festival will be taking place from november 26th untill november 29th. The festival is initiated by Tivoli and offers more the 50 must see acts including Patrick Watson,
the Very Best, Tragicly Hip, the Dodos and Great lake swimmers

STOP! Now before we continue. Utrechts sweet sweet venue Tivoli is still under heavy fire. Make your self useful and support them by signing their petition HERE!

CONTINUE! For this years edition the pretty pretty LE GUESS WHO? peeps, have asked us to participate in their awesome initiative…wink…wink. So honoured as we where we could not refuse such a flattering offer…wink…wink. This is what we came up with.

Saturday November 14th at dB’s studio, Utrecht

LE GUESS WHO? pre-party with

CLUES (Montreal, Constellation records)

Clues was founded in the summer of 2007 by Alden Penner (one-half of Unicorns) and Brendan Reed (Endless Forever, Arcade Fire). In 2008, Clues recruited friends Ben Borden, Lisa Gamble, and Nick Scribner from the Montreal art and music scenes.
During live shows and on recordings, the band share and trade-off on their extensive collection of instruments and create a hopeful, urgent music that expands Montreal’s (already diverse) pop music lexicon, with references to post-punk and experimental music traditions. Clues’ concerts incorporate multiple drummers, a Commodore 64, and an OLPC.

Afterwards people will be dancing to tunes chosen by Utrechts most famous DJ WIEKES

Almost forgot… We are paying so…

it starts at 21:00 and you can show your coolness here by signing in at

During the festival it self Beep! Beep! will host a night at Kargadoor which is near EKKO at the Oudegracht.

Friday November 27th

MOON & SUN (swe/nl) 20:45 – 21:15
AUDIOTRANSPARENT (nl) 21:45 – 22:30
RYLAND BOUCHARD (usa) 23:00 – 23:45


Open: 20:00
Entree: € 6,-

More hot words on that next week when we are still hungover from the incredible pre-party!!!

that city be actin’ up

One of our favorite venues here in our beautifull lil’ hometown Utrecht could get in some serious trouble since the city’s planning on cutting down their funding. As always, there’s quite a backstory attached to this plan and to be honest, things are smelling a bit fishy. Read all about it at 3voor12.
Over the years Utrecht has developed a healthy and diverse musicscene and Tivoli played a major part in this. Please show your support for this great venue and sign the partition they’ve opened on their site.