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V.A.S. 17-01-10; Thao w/the Get Down Stay Down

Before we sit down with mama and papa bear and stuff our bellies with them puny christmasturkeys only to hit the slopes afterworths and enjoy a well deserved holiday a la France we have to deliver some good news to mankind: We’ve booked the fantastic Thao with the Get Down Stay Down for the first Vette Analoge Shit of the new year! Hooray for us.

Don’t know miss Thao yet? This is what KillRockStars had to say about her:

According to Thao Nguyen, she has two talents: her first is she has a knack for beat-boxing and humming at the same time (Rahzel needn’t worry about any competition just yet though…) and her second, and in her opinion finest, is that she had a capacity to watch so much TV as a kid, she’s convinced her personality is made up of several different sitcom characters. Of course Thao, the 23 year Virginia-bred songwriter, is forgetting her unique voice, natural sense for a good melody, and striking lyrics, skillful guitar plucking and her deadly dry sense of humour. Thao’s debut for Kill Rock Stars, showcases all these talents and more, proving she’s a star in the making.

Better yet. Listen to one of their songs and fill up that empty page in your agenda asap.

Thao w/the Get Down Stay Down – Know Better Learn Faster

Kismet will start off this sunday afternoon with their ruthless indiepop to get you all hyped up and ready to go. We’re starting off early this time, so you’ll be fresh and ready to go for the hell we call mondaymorning.

Kismet – We are all so busy

when: 17-01-2010
time: 16:00
where: dB’s
money: six
gimme more: ok

More info on the other half of this most awesome poster ever soon!


Schotel van de dag – XMUS

Never thought these schotel van de dag boys were such nice fellows. The Christmas spirit must’ve melted their inner fury since it was all shits and giggles while they recorded this 4 song Christmas EP solely for you. Because just dropping your tunes on the net and leaving it at that is a little lame they silkscreened 50 handnumbered copies for you to spend that xmas money on. Believe us, your granny is gonna love this one!


DOWNLOAD XMUS (including artwork)
BUY THE CD (€ 3,-)

  1. Ride the Tide
  2. Radio Dansmissie
  3. Riplo di Jalapeno
  4. Stone Age (setlist 25-11-2009)

Recorded at newground studio, 2009.



schotel van de dag – XMUS


BUY THE CD (€ 3,-)

  1. Ride the Tide
  2. Radio Dansmissie
  3. Riplo di Jalapeno
  4. Stone Age (setlist 25-11-2009)

Recorded at newground studio, 2009.

De Schotel is serving Christmas happiness

The days are getting shorter, people are getting depressed by lack of daylight. The streets and living rooms are decorated with overdue pine trees and red and green stuff. It’s christmas time again. But what would christmas be without an extensive meal, shared with friends and family?

This christmas, Schotel van de Dag will be serving a delicious christmas dinner. A four course meal filled with happiness, joy, good tidings, wild uncontrolled laughter, reviving dead memories and making good intentions for the new year.

One of these dishes is ready to digest at the coverclub, part of the 2009 Christmas Edition, featuring:

The Gasoline Brothers
Laura Vane & the Vipertones
Schotel van de Dag
Roy Santiago
Little Things That Kill
Silence is Sexy

The 4song E.P. by Schotel van de Dag will hit our store later this month, but first check out this xmass compilation.

<a href="http://christmascandy.bandcamp.com/album/christmas-candy-from-the-netherlands">The Gasoline Brothers &#8211; Hungover Boxing Day by Christmas Candy</a>

The Black Atlantic @ Newground Studio

Last wednesday, 02-12, The Black Atlantic recorded a special live E.P. at our second home: Studio Newground. Our friend Anneke Hymmen was one of the select few to attend this show and luckily she brought her trusty ol’ camera. Take a look at these snapshots, while we start editing the awesome footage of this show. More info will follow soon on this project.