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More My Bubba goodness to start this week of right. While the 8th of march is waiting right around the corner it’s about that time for us to show you some more of this great release which is coming your way. As of today you can enjoy yourself at the pre-order page we’ve created for the CD as well as the 10″ Vinyl. Check ‘m out and clicky-click that beautiful ‘add to cart’ button. We know you can do it.

Here’s some cool pictures of what’s waiting for you. AUF!

The story of My Bubba & Mi

It just happened that way. Then we became friends and My Bubba & Mi.” is the answer to the question how three girls from Denmark, Sweden and Iceland became roommates in an apartment in Copenhagen. Sometimes life’s that simple.

My Bubba & Mi is a special female trio that reeled us in with their intrigueing mix of folk, expert fingerpicking and vocal harmonies so warm they’ll melt the biggest glacier. They themselves are far more down-to-earth.
lullabies from the countryside”, is what the ladies call it.


The latter might be a more accurate description, as the trio headed to the sunny, wide fields of southern Italy to record their debut. The story goes as follows. An Italian bar-owner was cycling through the city of  Copenhagen on holiday. He was taken in by hypnotising sounds seeping through the window of a small bar nearby. Overpowered by his curiosity the man entered and saw My, Bubba and Mia performing for a small audience. A fan was born. The man invited the ladies to come to Italy to perform their music. “All right”, the threesome said and they left. A second invitation followed soon afterwards, this time to record a CD. “Agreed”, the answer was yet again and they packed their bags. Yes, that’s how simple life can be.


‘How it’s done in Italy’ is the mesmerizing debut of My Bubba & Mi and furthermore the first Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck release from an international artist. The album will be released on March 8th on CD and vinyl. The 1,500 covers are – believe it or not – hand-made by the bandmembers themselves. Each cover is a unique piece of art.

Here’s what Bubba has to say about it:

“It all started when we adopted some 10″ vinyl covers. We found them, and saved them from being thrown away. They are old, from the 40′s & 50′s, all are different, with old commercials on them from old radio stations, notes from their former owners and they smell good. This was before artist made their own artwork, their tunes were just wrapped in brown paper with stamps from the distributor.We then made stamps with our own name and songs and some striped paper became a part of the outfit.

The CD packaging is based on the same idea, some brown paper, folded, glued, sometimes stapled with our stamps on it. It sounds simple but it took a month or more, day and night to make. Many people were involved, friends and uncles and friends of uncles.All are different, some are crooked, none are straight. And that is how it’s done in Italy, hand made by My Bubba & Mi.”

Making 1.500 covers by hand is the kind of crazy we can appreciate, but still makes you wonder when regret kicks in.

“The idea is as stupid as making hand made spaghetti for a party with thousand people. But it’s nice, when people take their time to do things by themselves. Following the process from beginning to end. Spoiling it with love and time. Things like that are rare to find now a days where most things are downloadable.”

True that. These girls know what’s what, that’s for sure.


We vs. Death vinyl is on it’s way

Here’s one to tickle your balls. The vinyl-pressing for We vs. Deaths ‘A Black House, A Coloured Home‘ is done and the beautiful package below is on it’s way to our shop. Be the first to own this baby and pre-order now. Shipping next week.

we vs death vinyl

from our buddies over at sinnbus.

Video: The Black Atlantic rockin’ it live

One of the perks of touring practically non-stop for half a year is that you learn to deliver a solid live show. And man, does The Black Atlantic deliver!

Last december we put them in our second home a.k.a New Ground Studio to record their live set. In the end we used 5 songs which will be part of a digital re-release of the album later this year. For now, let us whet your whistle with this beauty of a song called ‘Heirloom’.

Recorded & Mixed by:
Wouter Kors
Mark Nieuwenhof


Mastered by:
Juno Jimmink
Camera Operators:
Rick Roos
Robby Wouters
Boudewijn Rosenmuller (also editing)

My Bubba & Mi – How it’s done in Italy

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  1. Gone
  2. Bubba’s Blues
  3. Steamengeene
  4. Really Really
  5. Satisfied mind
  6. I will never love a young boy again
  7. Hwaii Blus
  8. After you
  9. Blind State
  10. Apple spell

All songs written and performed by My Bubba & Mi.
Artwork by My Bubba & Mi.

Beep! Beep! Back up the truck


My Bubba & Mi joins our Family!

Ah, remember…A year and a half ago we dove right in that Dutch musicbizz and got our paws wet (and a little more than just paws I’m afraid). Seven beautiful releases  – and countless valuable experiences later we feel like weathered veterans, but really, those albums only whetted our appetite. It’s time for new things. New territory to be discovered.

The last couple of months we’ve been peaking over our countries border and saw some awesome new things that made us think ‘gimme!’. One of those ‘things’ is a 3 piece group named My Bubba & Mi from that strangely appealing, home-of-lego country called Denmark.

Here’s the story in short. There’s three girls – My, Bubba and Mia – from three countries – Denmark, Sweden and Iceland. Somehow they ended up in the same place: an appartment in Copenhagen and became friends. Bubba tells us:

“It just happened that way. Then we became friends and My bubba & Mi. During our third concert, in Copenhagen, Andrea, an italian café owner, happened to bike by, and he heard our voices he said and came in. After the show he told us we should come play at his café in Italy. We were pleased that he liked us, but we thought we’d never hear from him again. Then a couple of months later we got an email from Alessandro at WWNBB, who had been introduced to our music by Andrea, and who wanted to organize a tour for us in Italy the following year. We went, and they asked us to come back soon to make a record. We did.”

They did alright.

They left Italy with a lovely record called ‘How it’s done in Italy‘. The girls themselves describe their music as lullabies from the countryside, which we must admit, goes a long way. Think folk, country & blues, think old days, lovely harmonies, think of a robust contrabass dating a fragile casio keyboard. No, stop thinking, start listening!

I will never love a young boy again

Yes sir. ‘How it’s done in Italy‘ get’s the lovely catalogue nr. BEEP008-2010 and is our first release of an international artist! The album will be released on CD & Vinyl and hits the stores March 8. We’ll have the girls over for a little tour in April. More on those things later. For now, the girls would like to say ‘hi’ to you their selves. Why don’t you say ‘hi’ back?

Kismet dates cancelled!

Due to logistical complications from Friska Viljors side, we are sorry to announce that Kismet has been cancelled as their support act for the upcoming week. Everybody regrets, but there is no solution at hand.

As for Kismet, they’ll be hitting Germany, Austria and Switzerland this april. They hope to see you there.

We sincerely apologize. Shit happens.