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Video: Lost Bear – Hope you’re no Diana

A few months ago Lost bear went back to school along with Emiel Steenhuizen and Rogier van der Zwaag. They did some great tinkering! And so, we would like to show you the result. Enjoy!

Like what you saw? Buy that funky music white boy!

Good luck, bad luck, good luck w/ Midlake!

So now it’s our turn! Volcano time!

The Black Atlantic was supposed to support Midlake, but the band got stuck in New York due to you know who! So Nicole Atkins was recruited to replace them, but then she was not able to get a ticket in time due to you know who!
Well now our ‘Atlantic’ buddies got an earlier flight home then expected. Everything will get back to how it was. Though we feel sorry for Miss Atkins. Who doesn’t want to support sold out Midlake shows?! Check out the dates below.


Monday 26.04 – WATT, Rotterdam
Tuesday 27.04 – Doornroosje, Nijmegen – sold out
Wednesday 28.04 – Vera, Groningen


Well What do you know?!

First of all. We moved in to our new office this week. It’s just as high as it is wide. It has a tiny window, but it’s still amazingly sunny. Check it out!


Further more we can tell that the Black Atlantic keeps on rollin’. They just wrapped up their US tour and continue their journey here in Europe. From now until mid June they can be found in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. After that the will return to North America to play NXNE and will stay there until late July. Geezzz, busy bodies! On four of these dates the band will join ‘Woven Hand‘. Check out the agenda for more info.

The Walt is currently recording a seven inch as part of an art project to honor Wim Crouwel a famous Dutch graphic designer also know for these little beauties that we used to stick on our letters back in the eighties. Owh and yes you can expect a new album this year!


Het Gloren will play a last minute show on April 20 as support for Tunng @Melkweg, Amsterdam. Nice! More dates are in the works. As for now. Buy/Download that ‘Glorie 123here!

My Bubba & Mi arrived in Italy where they gave birth to their debut record. There’s still a string of dates left before they head back to Iceland…or ehm…probably Denmark for now…

Back to work! Pożegnanie!

fan art prt.I

It’s always a great pleasure hearing people love your music. Seeing it though, is even better. Check out this video of a girl (we don’t know) doing modern dance improv on “Fragile Meadow”. Awesome!

Out now! Het Gloren – Glorie 123

Straight from the polder of Schipluiden.
The debut by one of Hollands most talented song writers.
It’s folky, it’s edgy, it’s moving, it’s awesome!

Het Gloren – Glorie 123

1. Listen to the complete album HERE.

2. Download this baby HERE.

3. Check out the artwork below & order the album HERE.


Het Gloren – Glorie 123

DOWNLOAD ALBUM (all formats available, free)
BUY THE CD (€ 10,-)
BUY THE VINYL (€ 12,-)
SHARE ALBUM (bandcamp player)

  1. Zomerdagen oostenwind
  2. Als je lacht
  3. Glorie 1
  4. Verander als je het anders wilt
  5. Klaagzang
  6. De overzeeballade
  7. Glorie 2
  8. Het schetsen van een zomerdag
  9. In holland staat een huis
  10. Glorie 3
  11. Het geeft niet liefje lief het is niets

All songs written and performed by Het Gloren.


The Black Atlantic docu prt. I

The sweet people at 3voor12 made a nice video of The Black Atlantic in which Geert and Stef talk a little about the band, their past and future plans. Also some fun footage of a very angry Geert from back in the day and some homevideos of the guys in Texas 2010. Too bad there are no subs, so non dutchies will have to do with their pretty faces and music. Enjoy.