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First names LE GUESS WHO? festival 2010

Well well well, with a swell presentation behind us, we can now announce you our humble share as a part of the Le Guess Who? 2010 festival. We are honoured to present you a night at Ekko as well as an acoustic night at Kargadoor. So here we go: Beep! Beep! Back up the truck! Proudly presents: Barsuk recording artists Menomena, 31knots’ leadsinger side project, called Tu Fawning and the folk rock of Jason Molina’s buddy Elephant Micah. Yes, that good friends are some sweet sweet artists. More bands will be announced in the upcoming month.

But of course there is way more then just then these Beep! Beep! contributions. Check out this far from complete list of artists that the festival is serving you already.

Swans (vs) opening with support from James Blackshaw (en)
Caribou (can)
Beach House (vs)
The Tallest Man On Earth (zw)
Dimlite (sw)
Trembling Bells (sco)
Ganglians (usa)
Subtitle (usa)
Sharon van Etten (usa)
Voice Of The Seven Thunders (uk)
Alasdair Roberts (sco)
Junip (zw)
Fitz (vs)
Ty Segall (vs)

The Le Guess Who? festival takes place in Utrecht, the Netherlands from November 24th till November 28 2010.
Early Bird tickets cost € 50,- and are on sale from juli 3, go to Tickets for more info.

For now we will leave you with some high quality youtube material by Elephant Micah.


C/O pop showcase festival, Cologne.

Tonight Beep! Beep! Back Up the Truck will be represented by We vs. Death and Kismet along side some other great artists including Robyn, The Go! Team and Uffie at the German festival and music convention in Cologne. The venue will open at 8pm. Make sure to stop by if you happen to be in the neighborhood! More info can be found by clicking here or on the image underneath. Abgefahren!


Come and say hi at NXNE!

Besides getting cooked by the scorching sun and cooling down with some fine Canadian lagers we’re actually also doing some usefull things here in Toronto during the fabfab NXNE Festival. We won’t bother you with all of our more then awesome stories, but you should read and remember these messages:

1. The Black Atlantic will be playing two shows on saturday. The first is at 20.25 during the 5th Annual João Carvalho Mastering NXNE BBQ. You’ll find it at: 43 Laing St.
Loads of food, beer & band, all day long.

The official showcase is at The Painted Lady at 218 Ossington Ave.
Time? Midnight!

And if you happen to walk by The Bovine Sex Club at 542 Queen West around 4.45… look up! The Black Atlantic will be playing a acoustic tune on the balcony there for Balcony TV.

2. Beep! Beep! will be showing their filthy swagger during the NXNE Indie Music Market at Dundas Square. I actually don’t know what filthy swagger would mean, but we’ll bring our merchandise, bizznizz cards and our happy selves. Want to find us? See the plan below.


We also hooked up with a local talent who uploaded a video of herself dancing a while back. She happened to live in Toronto, so why not shoot a dance for the complete song? Well, we did, and it was fun. Pictures to prove it.

Exclusive: Order your limited Beep! Beep! sweatshirt!

Ever since we’ve made them pretty swagger shirts, people have been asking us about the sweater variant our staff is wearing.

We told everybody: ‘that shit is exclusive’. Now we must apologize for that! You sweethearts are exclusive to us! So here’s the dealio! The sweatshirts can be pre-ordered until June 27th. This is your only chance to get one of these soon to be classics. So be quick and order yours!


Note: These sweaters cost €30,00. Not because we are greedy, but these beauties are silk screened three times to serve you with a top quality print. Besides that they are produced ethical, ecological and environmental. Which (in the end) helps you to feel good about yourself. Whooohaaa! Off to Toronto!


*Oh and you can check out them pretty colors here!
*Silkscreen print always in white

New Stock: Orange vinyl for The Black Atlantic

We’re pleased to announce that our first batch of ‘Reverence for Fallen Trees’ vinyl is completely sold out. Even more pleased though, to announce the new batch of vinyl which arrived today.  Maybe it’s because of the sun finally coming out, maybe it’s the World Cup fever spreading, but for whatever reason this time we’ve chosen orange vinyl.

Check how out pretty these babies are. Pick one up in our shop for only €12,00. Boo-Yah!

Vinyl d'Orange


Looking back at; Het Gloren and My Bubba & Mi

We still owe you some vids and photos of our lovely evening in that old mill where we hosted the double release party for My Bubba & Mi and Het Gloren. Let’s get right to it then.

Photographer extraordinaire Anneke Hymmen made some great snapshots of all the bands that evening. We also had  Mekong and Kanipchen-Fit over who both delivered awesomeness straight to the ears.

And a big big thank you for mr. Chris Rechtop for recording the audio for our videos. Much obliged. Check out how great it’s sounding (only wish the image quality was up to par).

The albums by both artists can be picked up in our shop. Must-haves you must have and so cheap it’s almost sickening.