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V.A.S presents Alarma Man and Sanchez, the Devil & the Hieropha

Well you know the format by now. An international act and a Dutch act. As eclectic as can be. Often presented by a different theme. With artwork by Sacha van den Haak (a.k.a. the Host). Well here’s another edition coming up! It’s going to be awesome!

Thursday 12 augustus

Alarma Man and Sanchez, the Devil & the Hieropha

Alarma Man sounds like a mercilessly harsh Swedish precision bomb. Somewhere between Drive Like Jehu, Don Caballero and Fugazi! And they look like this!

Alarma Man – Cabin In The Woods from Sinnbus on Vimeo.

Sanchez from Utrecht mixes post-rock with modern metal and hardcore.

Doors: 21:00
Damage: € 6,-

dB’s CAB-Rondom 100
3534 BE Utrecht

The Black Atlantic Festival Season

The Black Atlantic guys enjoyed some well deserved time off in America after a hectic first half of 2010 filled with touring, touring and then some more touring. Geert revisited the cabin in upstate New York with his wife and baby girl where ‘Reverence…’ was recorded. Stef went on a big hiking trip with his girl while Kim locked himself up in another cabin to work on his solo project. Doesn’t get any better then this!

Or does it?
They’re playing some fantastic festivals in August and early September. Grab your agenda and check out that schedule;

01.08.2010 – NL – Rotterdam @ Duizel in het Park Festival

06.08.2010 – DE – Friedland @ Jenseits von Millionen Festival


07.08.2010 – BE – Genk @ Absolutely Free Festival

12/14.08.2010 – DE – Haldern @ Haldern Pop Festival

20.08.2010 – NL – Bunsschoten @ Xnoizz Flevo Festival “The Subyard”

04.09.2010 – DE – Dresden @ Sound of Bronkow Festival

08.09.2010 – DE – Berlin @ Popkomm

And the nominees are….

drum-roll please! Uhm, well, actually a whole bunch of artists are nominated, but the good news is The Black Atlantic is one of them. ‘One of what?’, you might be thinking. One of the lucky 12 artists to be nominated for the 3voor12 Award ‘Best Dutch Album 2010′!

That’s right, their debut album ‘Reverence for Fallen Trees’ keeps doing great things and stands a chance to be picked out as a winner during the ceremony in Desmet, Amsterdam on September 9th. There’s gonna be some voting by the public as well, so we’ll be asking for your help soon enough. For now, head over to 3voor12 where you can stream all the nominated albums for the lovely amount of zero euro’s.

And while we’re talking about The Black Atlantic, we might as well drop their USA dates for the coming week. Start your dropping…..NOW:

18.07.2010 – US – Chicago, IL @ Chopin Theatre
20.07.2010 – US – St. Louis, MO @ The Lemp Neighborhood
23.07.2010 – US – Denver, CO @ Denver Post Underground Music
25.07.2010 – US – Toledo, OH @ Ottawa Tavern
26.07.2010 – US – Cleveland, OH @ tba

My Bubba & Mi return Into The Great Wide Open!

I guess it’s safe to say that My Bubba & Mi left Europe heart broken when they returned to Copenhagen last may after their six week tour. We totally understand that, but after a little rest the girls are fully charged again and will soon embark on this years second European trip! First they’ll head back to Italy from July 23 till August 6 to play some summer festivals. After that they will move up north to hit the Benelux and Germany. Dates will be announced soon, but for now we’ll stick with the announcement that the band will play Into the Great Wide Open on September 4 on a Dutch island called Vlieland. The GWO has probably one of the prettiest festival locations in Europe and with bands like Modest Mouse, Wolf Parade, Nurses, The Tallest Man On Earth and The Whitest Boy Alive rocking the bill this can only lead to a stunning weekend.


So to round things up. If a) is what My Bubba & Mi feels like and b) is what Vlieland looks like, that would mean we are looking at a perfect match! Let’s hope tonights match will be just as perfect! Hup! Holland! Hup!