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Pre Order ‘The Wild Things’

As always Father Time is in an horrible hurry and the 12th of November is drawing nearer and nearer with a speed no self respecting donut munching traffic officer could ever possibly tolerate. But hey, what you gonna do about it? We told you about that specific date before and damn you if you forgot about it already. But here’s to refresh your memory: it’s the date of Moon & Suns ‘The Wild Things’ Release Party!

So you know about the party, but what do you know about the actual record? What’s that? Not too much, you say. Okay, here’s what you need to know.
1) It’s awesome and you want to own it
2) It will be released on 10inch vinyl with a download code for the lossless audio files included
3) you can stream/download the 128kbs version for frees as of the 12th
4)  You can pre order this pretty lady as of N O W !

  1. Bo
  2. Hunt
  3. 000000
  4. Where The Wild Things Are
  5. Hollow
  6. Salt & Indigo

All songs written and performed by Monica Tormell.


PRE ORDER: The Wild Things 10
Moon & Sun
PRE ORDER: The Wild Things 10″

Free LEGUESSWHO? Pre-Party feat. Beach Fossils

To warm you up for LEGUESSWHO? festival 2010 we will host a FREE pre-party on Friday, November 12. It will take place at dB’s, Utecht, where you will be entertained by New Yorks hottest, Beach Fossils.

The jangly, self recorded ramblings of Brooklyn’s Dustin Payseur go by the name of Beach Fossils and offer hauntingly catchy tunes that blend the energy of an impulsive road trip with the melodious wandering of a lucid dream. Sun drenched riffs, kaleidoscopic rhythms and hazy lyrics saturate Beach Fossils’ first release, the album’s carefree vibe is perfectly summed up through song titles such as ‘Daydream,” “Vacation,” and “Lazy Day.”

listen to the fossils over here!

LEGUESSWHO? it self will take place from November 24 till the 28th. Over 50 of the finest bands (like Broken Social Scene, Beach House, Menomena & Talleest Man on Earth) will make their presence. More info here

Moon & Sun Release Party!

Friday November 12th our latest super group Moon & Sun will release their album ‘The Wild Things’. And that, my friends, calls for a celebration. So celebration time it is. Awesome live music and some sweet spinning by DJs, plus of course the guest of honor ‘The Wild Things’ on 10inch vinyl will guarantee you’ll have a great time.

We hope you can make it! Let us know on Facebook or Last.fm!

November 12th 2010, 20.30pm

De Wittenstraat 100
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Moon & Sun


Strange Boutique (DJ)

Orpheo (DJ)

Tickets €12,- including ‘The Wild Things’, € 5,- without.

New Roster Addition: Moon & Sun

Boy-o-boy-o-boy!! Are we excited. We’ve signed a brand new artist to our label and yes, it’s another special one. It’s dark, gloomy, atmospheric with a hint of Caribean sun. It’s funky fresh, primitive, electronic and manipulated. It’s Moon & Sun!

Driving force behind Moon & Sun is Swedish expressive artist Monica Tormell, who got inspired for her dark, tropical percussion driven songs two years ago on the island of Curacao. She calls her musical style ‘Apocalypso’, also the title of the 2009 debut 7inch.

We are extremely proud to release the follow-up record ‘The Wild Things’ on November 12th. The album was written and recorded in Curacao, in Swedish forests and in Amsterdam. “It’s a journey through landscapes, changing from beautiful picture views into ghostly midnight lands, a place where reality, imagination and time blur together”, says Tormell.

We’ll give you all the details on the album and release show in a little while. First, dive into the world of Moon & Sun and listen to the first single:


Video by Nicole Martens.

Drummer, singer leaves We vs. Death after 10 years

Today Dutch webzine 3voor12 posted an article regarding We vs. Death drummer and singer Gerben Houwer who, unfortunately, has decided to leave the band after 10 years of loyal duty. We vs. Death on the other hand is very much alive!

“We vs. Death is very much alive!” Bass player Marten Timan is resolute about the subject. Yes, drummer Gerben Houwer recently quit the band, but that is just the end of a chapter, the end of the first ten years of We vs. Death. When asked about the reason for his departure, Houwer says: “We vs. Death is a very ambitious band and I couldn’t combine that with my busy family life anymore.”

It’s fairly obvious the band has plenty of ambition. The past few years they toured England five times and went to Estonia, Poland and Russia, among others. Even Japan got to know the Utrecht-based post-rock band in 2007. “I am proud of what we’ve been through together”, says Houwer. “The uncompromising music, the musical process and of course the shows, of which the last few were the best if you ask me.” In July this year the band toured with label mates Kismet. Without knowing yet We vs. Death played their last shows with the drummer. “There won’t be a goodbye-concert,” Houwer confirms. “My last show as the drummer of We vs. Death was in Cologne.”

When the  irrevocable decision was made, Timan and the other band members put their heads together to discuss the future of the band. “We quickly agreed: we all want to continue.” Thus, We vs. Death is now looking for a new drummer. Someone who feels comfortable with the band and its ambitions, and who has his own sound. Timan stresses: “We are not looking for a copycat of Gerben.

The band used the past few weeks to write new material and to experiment. “We are trying new things and take the time to reinvent ourselves.” What the future will bring, Timan doesn’t know yet. “At this time we are in writing mode. Hopefully we’ll be back soon with a new line-up. And a new release, of course.

Thanks to 3voor12Utrecht and writer Daniël Apituley.

Moon & Sun – The Wild Things

BUY THE VINYL (for € 10,-)
SHARE ALBUM (bandcamp player)

  1. Bo
  2. Hunt
  3. 000000
  4. Where The Wild Things Are
  5. Hollow
  6. Salt & Indigo

All songs written and performed by Monica Tormell.


Le Guess Who? warm up. New names, tickets and free pre-party.

From November 24th till 28th the 4th edition of the LeGuessWho? festival in the beautiful city center of our hometown, Utrecht.

While waiting for that glorious week, we will warm you up with a pre-party on November 12. It will take place at dB’s and you will be accompanied by two or three great bands. First two are hailing from New York and New Zealand going by the name of:

Beach fossils (listen)
the Situations (listen)

And you guessed it, it’s FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

On Friday the 26th we will handle west side of the city by hosting to venues called ‘Ekko’ and ‘Kargadoor’. Why would you care? This is why:

Menomena (listen)
Shugo Tokumaru (listen)
Trumans Water (listen)
Siskiyou (related to Great lake swimmers) (listen)
Elephant Micah (watch)Tickets are on sale now in three different options.

LeGuess Who? Beep! Beep! ticket (€ 13,-)
giving you entrance to Ekko & Kargadoor
on November 26th

Le Guess Who? 4-day Passepartout Ticket (€ 65,-)
Le Guess Who? Dayticket Friday (€ 20,-)

…and a nice Shugo Tokumaru video for you to watch!

and a sweet little link to the Godfathers ‘LeGuessWho?’ for all the info you need!