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Moon Anthem, a new song by Moon & Sun

A while ago Moon & Sun was asked to join the project Moon Life and to make a Moon Anthem. She did and this is it!

Moon Life is a project by artist Alicia Framis and many collaborators. It proposes that 40 years after the first human being set foot on the moon, it is time for a more democratic, peaceful, artistic and cultural investigation of space. Moon Life focuses on the impact this would have on our daily lives and therefore wa.nts to examine the potentialities and challenges of life on the moon not only in the fields of architecture, design but also for social, political and public life. Prototypes and products developed by architects, designers, fashion designers and musicians are presented in the Moon Life Concept Store. In addition to this travelling popup shop a catalogue with background and sales information is published.

Moon & Sun released their second record earlier this month, named ‘The Wild Things‘. Reviews are coming in and are all more then positive. You can stream this puppy right on this site and of course a beauty hardcopy is available in our shop.

Out now! Moon & Sun – The Wild Things

Well, it’s been hanging over our heads for a little while now,  but here it is! Moon & Sun with her brand new mini-album ‘The Wild Things’! As you might have guessed, this 10 inch piece of plastic contains some of your favorite songs of the year.

If you want to get to know Moon & Sun a little better you can read yourself into it in the biography section while listening to it in one of the following formats:

BUY THE VINYL (for € 10,-)
SHARE ALBUM (bandcamp player)

  1. Bo
  2. Hunt
  3. 000000
  4. Where The Wild Things Are (single)
  5. Hollow
  6. Salt & Indigo

No there ain’t no Compact Disc version. Does anyone still have a CD player these days? Please say so if you do, but seeing the artwork made by the highly acclaimed graphic artist Nicole Martins will make you agree on the fact that this should be on vinyl instead of this tiny overdue disc.

Moon & Sun will we hitting the road in December, traveling from Holland thru Germany to Sweden as you can see right here.

15-12-2010 – HDKV – Heidelberg
16-12-2010 – tba
17-12-2010 – West Germany – Berlin
18-12-2010 – NBL – Leipzig
19-12-2010 – Hafen 2 – Offenbach
19-12-2010 – Franz Mehlhose – Erfurt

20-12 / 23-12 – Sweden – tba soon

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Ons kent Ons Festival

We’re all friends here, right? And every now and again friends need to get together, drink a beer or 23 and play some tunes for each other, right? Hella right!

That’s why we’re hosting the second editon of the Ons kent Ons Festival (we won’t even bother translating that) on December 18th at dB’s Utrecht. 18 bands, 4 stages and more awesome music then you can handle. All performances will be short and sweet, ranging from experimental electronic to thumping hardcorepunk. Some bands will play a debut show, some will say goodbye. A can’t miss oppurtunity for every music loving freak.

You can order your tickets in our webshop. Only 10 euro’s for the whole night.


Here’s the line up and some songs to get acquainted

  1. Eklin (myspace)
  2. Kismet  (myspace) | we are all so busy
  3. Holden Goldmood
  4. Homemade Empire (myspace)
  5. Jelle Buma (myspace)
  6. Space Siren (myspace)
  7. Bebe Fang (myspace) | work
  8. The Walt (myspace) | happily ever after
  9. Stellenbosch (lastfm) | call it home and be happy
  10. Akazeno (lastfm) | tropical feeling
  11. Het Gloren (myspace) | zomerdagen oostenwind
  12. Schotel van de Dag (myspace) | rintintin
  13. Grizzly Adams (myspace)
  14. The State Of Maine
  15. Paper Tiger (myspace) | jolien
  16. Shuriken (myspace) | unison
  17. 78rpm (myspace)
  18. Hagy (lastfm) | forest

where: dB’s
when: 18th december
time: 18:00
dirt: 10 euro
tickets: here

It is on! Le Guess Who? 2010!

From November 24th till 28th the 4th edition of the LeGuessWho? festival in the beautiful city center of our hometown, Utrecht.

On Friday the 26th we will handle the west side of the city by hosting to venues called ‘Ekko’ and ‘Kargadoor’. These two exquisite venues are only a 100 meters apart from each other.  What can expect? Well…

Menomena (listen) 22:00
Trumans Water (listen) 20:15
Siskiyou (related to Great lake swimmers) (listen) 19:30

Elephant Micah (watch) 23:00
Kiss the anus of a black cat(listen) 21:30

(Let’s call it ‘black cat’ for now ok?)

Tickets are on sale now in three different options.

LeGuess Who? Beep! Beep! ticket (€ 13,-)
giving you entrance to Ekko & Kargadoor on November 26th

Le Guess Who? 4-day Passepartout Ticket (€ 65,-)
Le Guess Who? Dayticket Friday (€ 20,-)

…and a nice elephant Micah video for you to watch!

and don’t hesitate to click on the link to find more about ‘LeGuessWho?’!