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Beep! Beep! at Eurosonic Noorderslag

Eurosonic Noorderslag is Europe’s biggest showcase / conference festival hosted every year in Groningen, Holland (really? yes, really). Since we’re Dutch and also happen to love showcases and talking crap to people we’re looking forward to this party very much.

Of course we’re bringing our posse of musical super talents with us there. Check out this schedule of Beep! Beep! acts

Wednesday 12 January

venue: Shadrak up | 20:45-21:25 hrs
with: Francis International Airport, Dry the river, Lars Ludvig Lofgren

Thursday 13 January

venue: USVA | 23.00-23.40 hrs
with: Coldair (pl), Dry the River (gb), Mesta (rs)

Friday 14 January

venue: Plato Groningen | 14:10 hrs

“Ray’s Dutch Impact Revue”
venue: Oosterpoort | 18:30 – 20:00 hrs
with: Moss, Laura Jansen

venue: Chaplins Cafe | tba
with: Oh Ruin, Denis Jones, The Black Atlantic, This is the Kit

venue: Chaplins Cafe | 21:00-21:30 hrs
with: Oh Ruin, Denis Jones, Het Gloren, This is the Kit

“Twisted Folk Stage”
venue: USVA | 23.00-23.40 hrs
with: Ellen and the Escapades, This is the Kit

Saturday 15 January

venue: De Oosterpoort, patio | 00.10-00.50 hrs

Our Top 10 ‘Candy for your ears’

It’s a pain really… making those top 10 lists and honestly we weren’t up for it this year. It’s safe to say though that beach house, the national, arcade fire, yeasayer, mr. west, the walkmen and warpaint pretty much dominated every list we came a cross so far. And well.. that didn’t sit too sweet with us either. So, enough with the complaining and to work we went. Ladies and gents our lovely music friends, here’s our top 10 list of 2010!

Ow, and one more thing. The best list is a downloadable list, so don’t be afraid to clicky click that mouse of yours. Enjoy!

  1. Les Savy Fav – Root for ruin
  2. Menomena – Mines
  3. Sleepy Sun – Fever
  4. Strange boys – Be Brave
  5. Phantogram – Eyelid movies
  6. Memoryhouse – The Years
  7. Wolf Parade – EXPO 86
  8. Small Black – New Chain
  9. Washed Out – High Times
  10. Sharon van Etten – Epic
    (‘Love more’ is probably the best song of the year)

By the way, we also love Forest Fire – Survival (Let’s pretend it’s a 2010 album as well OK?)

…and don’t forget children! If you like it, you should buy it! These people have been working very hard!

Ons Kent Ons Pictures

Our party last Saturday was great, awesome, and then some. A big shout out (yes, we do shout outs here) to all the bands who put on kick-ass shows without exception, all the crew who helped us out (Temy, Tim, Marten, all the Oudenoorders!) and of course all the drunken bastards who showed up. Here’s some pictures to enjoy. All taken by the all mighty Anneke Hymmen.

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Nikoo’s Friends & Family out now!

We’re very proud to release our 12th official release to date. As of today the second EP titled Friends & Family by the noise-poppers Nikoo can be downloaded in our music section on a pay-what-you-want basis. Go check it out and see if the band is right when they told us: “Nikoo irritates. At least, I hope it does.

Nikoo is a noise-pop beast to love. Songs and productions of international class. No bells and whistles, full of threat, urgency and sex. Raw and pure, hard and overwhelming. Joep van Son and his four noise makers take you by surprise as no other, full of inconvenience and dispossession.

A craze for raw, raunchy pop music got Joep van Son writing in early 2010. After merely one hour of rehearsing, the productive quintet enters the studio for the recording of six abrasive and urgent songs. “I love musician’s first impulses. Short rehearsals keep the creativity and hunger fresh. You can hear that in our recordings”, says Van Son. The trendsetting American music platform Pitchfork praises the inventive noise-pop of Eindhoven-based  Joep van Son and his band members. Dutch music press too received the noise with open arms: “Somewhere between Sonic Youth at its most rocking, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead at its fuzziest and Dinosaur jr. at its most melodious moments”, according to renowned music magazine OOR. VPRO’s 3VOOR12 adds: “A band that pushes boundaries and goes beyond them to create something new.”

The recipe for success is repeated at the end of 2010. Friends & Family, with its seven songs, screams for attention. Songs about women, girls, exes and movies, all recorded by band member and producer Rob Bours. The artwork is created by Dutch music photographer Nick Helderman (Oor, Vice, 3VOOR12, Self-Titled Magazine).

Nikoo consists of: Joep Van Son (The Sugarettes, The Very Sexuals), Mariska Louman (The Sugarettes, Foam), Rob Bours (The Very Sexuals, among others), Hugo Ploegmakers (Foam, among others), Mike Dobber (Klaus Womb & Penny super pony strip) and Pim Verlaek (Pien Feith band). Friends & Family sees guest performances by the talented Pim van de Werken (Silence is Sexy)  and Gwendolien Douglas (AC Bergheimer).

Moon & Sun spends the week in Germany and Sweden

Remember that wild album we’ve just released? Well, it might be performed in a place near you in the upcoming ten days. Monica and consorts will drive through Germany and Sweden from December 16th untill the 22nd before they head back to the Caribbean in January. Happy holidays!

Moon & Sun – Germanavia dates

16.12. Chemnitz – Exil
17.12. Berlin – West Germany
18.12. Leipzig – NBL
19.12. Offenbach – Hafen 2 (matinee)
19.12. Erfurt – Franz Mehlhose
20.12. Malmö – Far i Hatten
21.12. Göteborg – Koloni
22.12. Stockholm – Landet

Another Dutch trip for My Bubba & Mi

Lucky (Dutch) you! My Bubba & Mi are coming over mid January to play a string of shows around the Eurosonic festival. Around that time vinyl should be back in stock as well. But that’s not all. If you bring your good looks, they will bring along some gum! Ain’t that fresh!

13.01. Groningen – Eurosonic
14.01. Groningen – Plato instore (2 o’clock)
14.01. Breda – Mezz
15.01. Utrecht – Ekko buy ticket
16.01. Ottersum – Roepaen buy ticket

Nikoo – Friends & Family

(name your €)

  1. Shameless
  2. Brenda
  3. Anika
  4. Mornings
  5. Dead like shadows
  6. Way
  7. Amore

All songs written and performed by Joep van Son & Nikoo.


Nikoo signs to Beep! Beep!

Ho! Ho! Ho! We’re preparing the loudest Christmas present you’ll ever get. And you will call it: Nikoo.
Yes, it’s official and we’re more then excited to announce that Nikoo has signed to Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck.

We have been keeping a close eye on Nikoo since day one and are great admirers of their unique sound, productivity and insanely loud live perfomance“, says co-owner and main bear Nicolai Adolfs. “Without a doubt a beautiful addition to our eclectic roster.

The members of Nikoo first met in early 2010 in Studio 58 in Eindhoven, where they composed and recorded their self-titled debut in just three days. Follow-up ‘Friends & Family’ was laid out and recorded in the same fast pace. Just like its predecessor, the album will be distributed digitally only and sold on a ‘pay what you want’-basis. Renowned music photographer Nick Helderman (known for working with CocoRosie, Sleepy Sun and Women) has signed for the artwork of this release. The seven-track mini album is available for download on both the band and the label’s websites from Monday December 20th onwards.

Nikoo is off to a strong start in 2011 with a performance at Eurosonic 2011 on Wednesday January 12th. Both the recording of the third album and the first European tour are scheduled for the first quarter of 2011.

More soon. Now first listen to this exclusive preview of the upcoming record: Shameless

photo by by Achromemoments.nl

Some recognition and a bunch of European dates!

Hollands main music website 3voor12 published it’s 2010 favorite mini-album “Musicbooth“. Our very own Moon & Sun was honored among the likes of Warpaint, Tallest man on Earth, Sufjan Stevens and Black Heart Procession. Well, how nice is that! If you want to know why she got that recognition you can listen to it by visiting the following link.

If you want to catch Moon & Sun live, you should attend one of the dates on her upcoming winter tour since Monica Tormell will spend the first half of 2011 on Aruba and Curacao to work on a full length.

So here are the dates!

09-12 | Red Light Radio | Amsterdam
15-12 | HDKV | Heidelberg
16-12 | Exil | Chemnitz
17-12 | West | Germany Berlin (w/ Jana Hunter)
18-12 | NBL | Leipzig
19-12 | Hafen 2 | Offenbach
19-12 | Franz Mehlhose | Erfurt
20-12 | Far I Hatten | Malmo
21-12 | Koloni | Goteborg
22-12 | Landet | Stockholm

Enjoy! and don’t forget do buy that pretty piece of plastic by clicking on the image below.

Christmas shopping!

Not that we are anything like that grumpy old Scrooge, you all know, but still that swell old Christmas Carol made us realize that we could make some money out of this commercial month while you are getting a sweet discount. That’s why we compiled two great packages. And eventhough both packages contain our latest release “The Wild Things” by Moon & Sun we’ve decided to name them the Compact Disc and the Vinyl package. What do they contain you ask?

Moon & Sun – The Wild Things – 10″
The Black Atlantic – Reverence for Fallen Trees
Het Gloren – Glorie 123
We vs. Death – A Black House, A Coloured Home

So make your pick and please yourself or someone you hold dear! A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!