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Hello Jingle!

Since that – and yes we’re gonna blow our own horn here – mindblowing show at Eurosonic earlier this year, My bubba & Mi have been baking some tasty plans for the rest of 2011. Expect loads of exciting news the coming months. We’ll start things off right:

My bubba & Mi proudly present a swell addition to their world: the Hello Jingle Factory. A company that specializes in writing good sounding jingles with highly catchy melodies for every possible need. Those jingles can be performed by the ladies themselves during their live shows, where they keep fans entertained and informed during commercial breaks, while you, The Jingle Customer, get all the benefits!

Yes, our ladies are growing into quite the businesswomen. No gold diggers at Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck, that’s for sure.

Get to know their services by watching the infomercial or visit the website for more information about this progressive yet old fashioned style of advertisements! Curious for some jingle examples?

Listen here the ‘Hello Jingle Factory Jingle
Listen here the ‘Macland Jingle
Listen here the ‘Una Skincare Jingle

See you at the Hello Jingle Factory!

V.A.S: Parts & Labor

Brooklyn based experimental rockers Parts & Labor just released a new record and you’ll be pleased to know we are having them over. For the third time to be exact! Not sure if you know them? Here’s something to ring your bell. Parts & Labor toured with bands such as Battles, TV on the Radio, Deerhoof, Voltage,  Japanther, Pterodactyl, and Matt & Kim.

Support comes from local teen hero’s Lost Bear. These nineties rockers just released their new record “Limshasa” on Snowstar records!

So grab your agenda and write it down.

May 24th, dB’s, Utrecht

Part & Labor i.h.k.v Vette Analoge Shit!

Doors: 20:30
Costs: € 7,-

The Black Atlantic Dutch club tour

Last month The Black Atlantic embarked on a great adventure starting in Los Angeles and ending all the way in a Chinese town called Chengdu. In the US the band did plenty of showcases in L.A. and later that week at the worlds biggest showcase festival SXSW in Austin. Right after they flew to Beijing, China to start their first Chinese tour, lasting over two weeks.

Fortunately the band brought along a young filmmaker who documented the trip and is currently locked up in her editing room to make sure we can show the film at the upcoming concerts. As off next week the band will do a series of headliner shows in some great Dutch clubs. Fans at Vera Groningen and Tivoli Utrecht will be treated to an exclusive preview of the Chinese tour documentary.

Check all dates below:

27.04.2011 – NL – Groningen @ Vera w/ Cedarwell
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28.04.2011 – NL – Utrecht @ Tivoli de Helling w/ Cedarwell
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01.05.2011 – NL – Ottersum @ Roepaen w/ Cedarwell
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06.05.2011 – NL – Eindhoven @ Effenaar w/ Alamo Race Track
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07.05.2011 – NL – Oss @ de Groene Engel
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If you can’t wait to see some Chinese footage, here’s a little video the guys shot in Shanghai with the awesome Charles & Andy at DaBaoGe (打包歌).

Meet the design-team!

People often ask us who’s responsible for all that esthetic tastiness on our website. You know, posters such as this one, or this, or one of our personal favorites: this baby. Our website was build by these guys, and they even brought this beauty of an album to this world. Recently they made new shirts for The Black Atlantic which will hit our store in a week or two.

We often ponder where we’d be without them, our loyal designerkids. But you know, they grow up so fast don’t they? Before you know it it’s time for them to leave the nest and wander the world by themselves. Let them wander, we tearfully said to each other. Let them wander.

No longer we’ll hide our graphical prodigies in our basement. Now, they’re out there in all their glory for the world to behold. Please go visit them in their new crib and be a smart lad and pay them buckets of cash so they can make pretty things for you.

Here we go!



BEEP013: Alden Penner – Odes to the house

There it is! A brand new e.p. by former the Unicorns and Clues frontman Alden Penner. The recording named ‘Odes to the house‘ is Penner’s first solo effort since 2005 and documents a collection of acoustic songs written during a three month journey through Africa and the Middle East. The songs are accompanied by four videos showing the recording process of the e.p. at Dutch Design Factory ‘Pastoe’.

“The collection of songs are dedicated to the people of the world, particularly in North Africa and the Middle East, who have been expressing their desire for justice and peace in recent months, in the hopes this energy and fervour can be channeled into true and enduring emancipation from the weight of grievous oppression.”, says Alden.

BUY THE PACKAGE (for € 5,- /€ 7,- )
SHARE ALBUM (bandcamp player)

  1. Last shelter
  2. The fountain of the living
  3. The mountain of significance
  4. The house won’t pass

All songs written by Alden Penner.

‘Odes to the house’ is available in two formats.

Package #1 containing:
Silkscreen poster
Compact disc
Download card (video/wav/mp3)

Odes to the house incl. CD
Alden Penner

Odes to the house incl. CD

Lossless audio files

Alden Penner – Odes to the house

BUY THE CD PACKAGE (for € 10,-)
DOWNLOAD ALBUM LOSSLESS (pay what you want)
SHARE ALBUM (bandcamp player)

  1. Last shelter
  2. The fountain of the living
  3. The mountain of significance
  4. The house won’t pass

All songs written by Alden Penner.

Beep! Beep! Back Up the Truck

Preview ‘Odes to the house’ artwork

While the early birds who personally picked up their copy of our upcoming release by Alden Penner at the release party are happily downloading away at our download page, the rest of you will have to wait a tiny bit longer before we drop this beauty called ‘Odes to the house’. This four song e.p. by former Clues & The Unicorns frontman Penner was recorded only a month ago in our hometown Utrecht. And while Alden was recording, local talent Esther Willering crafted together beautiful handmade packages to contain ‘Odes to the house’. Included are a silk-screened poster accompanied by a document, a dropcard containing the four video’s and songs in uncompressed quality for download and an optional CD.

You could see to artwork progress here, here and here. Now enjoy the finished product.

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