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Het Gloren on the (sand) road

It’s probably been a while since you’ve last heard from ‘Het Gloren‘. After last years album “Glorie 123“, Floris Schrama focussed on his other talent as a graphic artist together with other beep! big wheel, Sacha van den Haak . After the founding of their company ‘Kok Pistolet‘ it’s time to get out the door again. So here’s a set of dates. (Un)fortunately two of them are already sold out. Grab your chances!

10.6 - Chaos aan de schie – Delft
17.6 – Groeilamp – Zwolle
24.6 – Sold out – Utrecht
26.6 – Sold out – Delft

The Black Atlantic embarks on a tour around The Baltic Sea

The Black Atlantic starts a thirteen day tour around the Baltic Sea performing in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. See the complete tour schedule below.

The guys have of The Black Atlantic have extensive experience on the road with their steady diet of +100 shows per year and multiple tours through Europe, the United States of America and most recently: China. During the upcoming tour though the band will make their first acquaintance with many of the countries bordering the Baltic Sea. The band hopes to expand their network and lay a solid foundation for many future collaborations in this new territory.

Check that schedule!

16.05.2011 – DE – Hamburg @ Uebel & Gefährlich Dachgarten, venue | map
17.05.2011 – DK – Copenhagen @ KB18 Kødboderne, venue | map
18.05.2011 – SE – Gothenburg @ Teater UNO, venue | map
19.05.2011 – SE – Stockholm @ Debaser, venue | map
20.05.2011 – FI – Turku @ Dynamo, venue | map
22.05.2011 – FI – Helsinki @ Bar Loose, venue | map
24.05.2011 – LV – Riga @ NABAKLAB, venue | map
25.05.2011 – LV – Vilnius @ Pub Artistai, venue | map
26.05.2011 – PL – Warsaw @ Powiekszenie, venue | map
27.05.2011 – PL – Poznan @ Meskalina, venue | map
28.05.2011 – DE – Dresden @ Groovestation, venue | map

Routing on Google Maps

Exclusive download by My bubba & Mi

2008, Denmark. Bubba had just moved into My’s apartment in Copenhagen when she heard My sing. Shortly after they started humming homely hymns with Bubba’s guitar and Mi’s keyboard, My bubba & Mi was born.

Today we have a very special treat for all you guys. You can now download that very, very first song. It was recorded in their Copenhagen apartment before My bubba & Mi even existed!

My bubba & Mi is calling on you to participate in the purchase of a tour bus, which will make it possible for them to get back on the road forever, make more music and sing their fans to sleep. But, they need your help to make that happen! Your pledge for any of the rewards they’re offering will directly support the purchase of their new tour bus and indirectly all their upcoming tours. Helping My bubba & Mi is as easy as tying your shoelaces or forming a band! If you participate, you’ll receive your pledge item and you’ll also gain access to My bubba & Mi’s private updates page, where they’ll be posting exclusive videos, mp3’s, photos, and musings.

1. Make A Pledge
My bubba & Mi listed very attractive rewards from the hand made debut album How It’s Done In Italy to a 30 sec custom made Jingle. Some are very personalized, some are dinky, some are unique, whatever appeals to you. You won’t be charged until they reach 100% of their target, unless you’re using PayPal, in which case you are charged immediately. If they don’t make my goal in 60 days, you’ll be refunded. Check out all rewards HERE.

2. Link Your Social Networks
Pledge along with your friends, let them all know about My bubba & Mi. You can be a part of their viral marketing by updating summaries and milestones on your social accounts automatically. You can also help them by sharing the widget you see below. Apple Spell is the very special song which was written before they even realized they were a band. You can download this exclusive song after sharing the widget with your friends. Do you care? Let’s share!

3. Enjoy Private Updates
My bubba & Mi will be posting exclusive videos (like the Sunday night Car gospel, which is exclusively for pledgers), mp3’s, photos, and blogs throughout their journey. You’ll be able to comment, so if you have any interesting ideas, let them know!

4. Feel good about helping
As some of you may know renting a van is an expensive joke. Especially when you’re on tour for three months straight. So you may understand having your own van is of great value. If you’d like to support the music that you really love, then this is probably one of the best ways to do so. It’s much much appreciated!

Get the widget here: direct link or embed the code: <a href=”http://www.pledgemusic.com/widgets/1330″ target=”_blank” title=”Get a super special track by My bubba &amp; Mi! Simply sign up, follow, or Facebook share our very Fundraiser project.”><img alt=”My bubba &amp; Mi” src=”http://assets.pledgemusic.com/widgets/cf1/623/4aa/1330/badge.png?1305280913″ /></a>

My bubba & Mi

Our My bubba & Mi Rewards TOP 5

The lullaby singing ladies of My bubba & Mi are currently preparing for some monstrous touring this summer and fall. You can see the tip of the iceberg in our calander, but expect more shows soon.

As you might know the girls called out to their fans (yes you) to help them out getting a tour bus to make all that touring possible. They made a lovely little video explaining the whole dealio, which you can see here.

The cool thing about the project is that when you decide to support My bubba & Mi, they will reward you with cool stuff. We decided to give their project a closer look and pick our five favorite rewards. Let’s count these puppies down:

NR 5! The Handmade Beloved Album

Old vinyl covers from the 40′s and 50′s, all different with old, unique commercials on them. Marked with original My bubba & Mi stamps, and the CD/vinyl wrapped in striped candy paper. All handmade by My bubba & Mi. Gotta love the romance and hard labor on this one.

NR 4! Bob We Love You (mp3)

The beloved cover of Bob Dylan’s song ‘You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go’ transformed to the unique My bubba & Mi sound. We can’t wait to hear the recording of this track. Till then, we’ll have to do with the live video.

NR. 3! The HOTSPOT on The Tourbus

Your logo on the My bubba & Mi bus! All the cool kids will see it and undoubtedly will spend their hard earned cash on you, your company, or your band. Perfect advertisement! We’re saving up for our very own spot. Too bad we’re giving all our music away for free and don’t make any money.

NR. 2! Bubba’s Grandmother Secret Pancake Recipe

According to the girls, the top-secret recipe for THE most delicious pancakes ever. So delicious, they will change your live. So deliciously tasty, with honey on top, that they’ll give you the voice of an angel. And they won’t make you fat, ever!
The recipe is hand written by Bubba’s grandmother in her classic Icelandic handwriting. Hopefully you’ll get the English translation too, otherwise it’s money down the drain, but’s let’s give the girls (and granny) the benefit of the doubt.

NR. 1! Hand Knitted Panties

A pair of pretty panties designed and hand knitted by the members of My bubba & Mi in your favorite color. Here’s the deal: if you buy these babies for us we’ll post a picture of the Beep! Beep! crew wearing them here.
So there’s the list. Do you agree with our picks, or did we leave your favorite out?

There is of course one very, very special reward we left out, but that’s no mistake.

That blue vinyl will be ours!!!!


Moon & Sun – ‘Hollow’ with Lee Connor

While in Aruba, Moon & Sun spend a day with local legend Lee Connor and recorded this fantastic live version of ‘Hollow’ of their second mini album ‘The Wilde Things‘. We’re absolutely in love with that steel drum sound!

Moon & Sun will be back in Europe this summer and will prepare for new shows as of September.

Become a role model

‪As some of you may know renting a van is an expensive joke. Especially when you’re on tour for three months straight. So you may understand having your own van is of great value.‬

My bubba & Mi are about to face this problem and therefore need your help. In return they have a huge list of thank you gifts matching the amount you donate.

If you’d like to support the music that you really love, then this is probably one of the best ways to do so. It’s much much appreciated.

-Beep! Beep! Back Up the Truck-

You can participate here.


More China videos of The Black Atlantic

The tour diary of The Black Atlantic in China is almost done. Perfect an edit here, fix some sound issues there, throw in some subtitles, you know the drill. We’ve seen a preview of the film and man(!) does it look beautiful. Worth the wait for sure.

Speaking of beautiful things. We already showed you the first video session the guys of dabaoge.net did (this one). Now, the DaBaoge-guys released the second song they recorded in the mighty city of Shanghai, and we can’t keep this lil’ gem from you.

Without further ado: enjoy the video and don’t be afraid to throw this puppy on your lovely facebook wall.

My bubba & Mi crowdfunding it up!

Our Scandinavian female trio My bubba & Mi will embark on an extensive tour through the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy in June and July. One small problem: they no longer have their old and trusted tourbus at their disposal. The band therefore calls upon their fans. Through crowdfunding website PledgeMusic fans can make a donation for a new bus. In return, My bubba & Mi have come up with some extraordinary rewards.

The ladies of My bubba & Mi, hailing from Iceland, Sweden and Denmark, played over sixty shows in ten different countries in 2010. Their tourbus became their home away from home. “Once upon a time we had a car – it even came with an Italian driver! In this car we drove, worked, slept, ate, wrote songs, knitted, did our laundry, hung our panties to dry, and all the other things one needs to do on tour in a car”, they told us. According to the girls, the bus and it’s driver recently vanished in Lago di Garda, although local officials can’t seem to shed any light on this mystery. Seeing as there are already fifty shows planned in 2011 for West-Europe, the band uses PledgeMusic to call upon their fans.

Here’s how the girls break it down:

PledgeMusic is an online Fan-funded music platform utilising a Threshold Pledge System, that facilitates musicians reaching out to their fan-base to financially contribute to upcoming musical projects. In exchange for financial support, My bubba & Mi provide some nice rewards. Generous givers can choose, amongst other things, between hand knitted panties or an intimate dinner with all three band members. If one chooses ‘The personal reward’, Bubba’s grandmother will let you in on her secret pancake recipe. Other rewards include CD’s, vinyl and the new single ‘Bob We Love You’.

A full overview of the rewards and more information about the project can be found at PledgeMusic.

Tour dates June / July
18 June – Horns Erben – Leipzig (DE)
19 June – Sommerfest – Gaildorf (DE)
20 June – t.b.a. – Bonn (DE)
21 June – Haldern Pop Bar – Haldern (DE)
22 June – Rosenkeller – Jena (DE)
23 June – t.b.a. – Münster (DE)
24 June – Volksbad – Flensburg (DE)
25 June – t.b.a. (DE)
26 June – Astra Stude – Hamburg (DE)
27 June – White Trash – Berlin (DE)
28 June – Waschaus – Potsdam (DE)
29 June – Live In The Living – Berlin (DE)
30 June – Hafen2 – Offenbach (DE)
01 July – Altes Wasserwerk – Lörrach (DE)
02 July – t.b.a. – Darmstadt (DE)
03 July – t.b.a. – Göttingen (DE)
04 July – t.b.a. (DE)
05 July – t.b.a. (DE)
06 July – Café Galao – Stuttgart (DE)
07 July – E-Werk – Erlangen (DE)
08 July – Café Nun – Karlsruhe (DE)
09 July – t.b.a. – Duisburg (DE)
10 July – t.b.a. (DE)
16 July – t.b.a. (NL)
17 July – t.b.a. (NL)
18 July – t.b.a. (NL)
19 July – t.b.a. (NL)
20 July – t.b.a. (DE)
21 July – La Catrina – Zürich (CH)

Let’s make this thing happen!