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listen & pre order BOB

To celebrate their current European tour the ladies of My bubba & Mi have recorded a cute little single appropiately titled BOB. ‘What’s so appropiate about that?‘, you might wonder ‘n ponder. Well, take a look at the track-list below and see if you can figure it out yourself, why don’t you? And while you’re at it, you can stream these two beatiful songs and decide how damned fast you’re gonna pre-order that limited handmade package in our shopperdieshop.

RELEASE DATE : 15 / 07 / 2011

PRE-ORDER THE CD (for € 5,-)

  1. BBQ Bob
  2. Bob, we love you
    (original title ‘You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go’)

BBQ Bob is written by My bubba & Mi. You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go by Bob Dylan.

Update: My bubba & Mi tour kicks off!

It’s summer people! And if you didn’t notice, you will soon! How? My bubba & Mi will bring it. The lovely ladies packed their bags and will make there first appearance tonight at Start! Festivallen in Kopenhagen. Tomorrow the girls will pick up the twins …Twins? Yes, Twins!… and head in to Germany. With the tour comes a single named ‘Bob’, containing two new brand new tracks. So pick your date people! It’s on!

(More Italian dates have been added)

Kopenhagen, DK
June 16, 2011 Thursday
Start Festivallen

Leipzig, DE
June 18
, 2011 Saturday
Horns Erben

Gaildorf, DE
June 19
, 2011 Sunday

Haldern, DE
June 21, 2011 Tuesday
Haldern Pop Bar

Jena, DE
June 22, 2011 Wednesday

Flensburg, DE
June 24
, 2011 Friday

Hamburg, DE
June 26
, 2011 Sunday
Astra Stube

Berlin, DE
June 27, 2011 Monday
White Trash

Potsdam, DE
June 28, 2011 Tuesday

June 29, 2011 Wednesday
Live In The Living
Berlin, DE

Offenbach, DE
June 30, 2011 Thursday

Lörrach, DE
July 01, 2011 Friday
Altes Wasserwerk

Stuttgart, DE
July 06, 2011 Wednesday
Cafe Galao

Erlangen, DE
July 07, 2011 Thursday

Karlsruhe, DE
July 08, 2011 Friday
Cafe Nun

Zürich, CH
July 21, 2011 Thursday
La Catrina

Carpi, IT
July 22, 2011 Friday

Parma, IT
July 23, 2011 Saturday
Giovane Italia

Belluno, IT
July 24, 2011 Wednesday
Magazzini Prensili

San Salvo
, IT
July 25, 2011 Wednesday
Beat Cafe

L’Aquila, IT
July 26, 2011 Wednesday
Piscine Comunali

Piacenza, IT
July 27, 2011 Wednesday

Moon & Sun to play Fusion Festival, Larz

We are more then proud to announce that Moon & Sun will play this years edition of Fusion Festival. Doesn’t ring a bell? Fusion is one of the most amazing festivals in Europe. It takes place from June 30 until July 3rd in Larz, Germany. Just above Berlin. Unfortunately the Festival sold out on December 3rd, but if you belong to the lucky 55.000 who managed to get a ticket, make sure to check Moon & Sun! We’ll see you there.

Moon & Sun at Fusion festival
Time: 15:00-16:00
Place: TBA
With: Dark Dark Dark, Herman Dune, Hundreds, Kurt Vile & The Violators, Mogwai, NoMeansNo, Rainbow Arabia, Trans Am, Zun Zun Egui and many many more.

We’ll leave you with this neat new video for Moon & Sun’s ’000000′ made by Tomas Adolfs!

V.A.S: Trans AM & Possible Suspect

Trans Am is a three-piece band which originated in Bethesda, Maryland,[1] that performs a mix of funk, metal, and German pop music.[2] Their work treads a fine line between spoof and homage, mainly centering on a cerebrally robotic, semi-danceable, minimalistic format, reminiscent of 1980s video game soundtrack music. They are known for constant touring (with bands such as Tortoise, Pan Sonic, The Fucking Champs, The Bronx and Tool), cryptic album artwork, and continual thematic re-invention. (says Wiki).

Onderstroom & Vette Analoge Shit are having them over at dB’s studio, Utrecht on Saturday, July 9th. You don’t want to mis it! We never did in the past decade! Besides that we have a great support by the likes of Possible Suspect, Utrecht punk veterans! Owh boy. We wish it was July 9th already!

And a swell video!

Doors: 21:00 uur,
Damage: € 8,-

dB’s CAB-Rondom 100
3534 BE Utrecht
T 030-293 82 09

With the tour comes a single

After an amazing first year promoting their debut album, the Scandinavian female trio My bubba & Mi readies themselves for a new European tour. And, as the title tells us: with the tour comes a single. We’re proud to introduce you to our friend BOB: the new attractive single by My bubba & Mi.

Our new single contains two songs – the first is a slow moaning ode to men, explaining their greatness through the stories of BBQ Bob, Cinnamon Sam and Crocodile Dundee, and the second is the long awaited release of a song we’ve played together from day 1, but that was written in 1975 by My’s father’s wife’s ex-husband’s mother’s previous lover; Bob Dylan. Enjoy it with lots of corn, watermelon and BBQ sauce, some ginger ale and a good companion.

To promote ‘BOB’ the band embarks on a month long tour focusing on Germany and Italy. During their tour the single will be available in hardcopy. Also those who decide to support My bubba & Mi’s brilliant Very Own Car Fundraiser will receive a hardcopy in their mailbox before they know it! After the tour, the single will also be available through all quality digital retailers and can be ordered in our webshop.

On June 16th My bubba & Mi will embark on a month long tour starting in Germany. They will traverse this beautiful country from north to south and east to west. From Germany onwards they will continue their journey crossing the mountains of Switzerland to end up in their musical motherland Italy; the place where the girls wrote and recorded their debut album ‘How it’s done in Italy’. See the complete tour schedule below.

Tentative Tour Schedule
Jun 16 11 | START! festivalen Copenhagen (DK)
Jun 18 11 | Horns Erben Leipzig (DE)
Jun 19 11 | Sommerfest Gaildorf (DE)
Jun 21 11 | Haldern Pop Bar Haldern (DE)
Jun 22 11 | Rosenkeller Jena (DE)
Jun 23 11 | Galerie Fango Cottbus (DE)
Jun 24 11 | Volksbad Flensburg (DE)
Jun 26 11 | Astra Stube Hamburg (DE)
Jun 27 11 | White Trash Berlin (DE)
Jun 28 11 | Waschaus Potsdam (DE)
Jun 29 11 | Live In The Living Berlin (DE)
Jun 30 11 | Hafen2 Offenbach (DE)
Jul 01 11 | Altes Wasserwerk Lörrach (DE)
Jul 04 11 | Livingroom Concert Bonn (DE)
Jul 05 11 | Pools Innenhof Göttingen (DE)
Jul 06 11 | Cafe Galao Stuttgart (DE)
Jul 07 11 | E-Werk Erlangen (DE)
Jul 08 11 | Cafe Nun Karlsruhe (DE)
Jul 21 11 | La Catrina Zürich (CH)
Jul 23 11 | Parma Giovane (IT)
Jul 27 11 | Spazio4 Piacenza (IT)