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Sticky: 3 Year Anniversary party with Blonde Redhead, The Black Atlantic, My bubba & Mi and more!

When your to-do list is longer then Mr. Zijlstra’s list of planned cultural cutbacks, you can be hella sure ‘reminiscing’ isn’t on there. That’s how it can happen that while you’re doing your business on the potty (yes, that other kind of business) and your staring absent minded at your calendar, all of a sudden it hits you: Holy crap shit! It’s our birthday!

Yes, good friends. Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck turned 3 years old!

No time to reminisce though. Time for a mind blowing party!

The festivities will take place on Sunday, August 28 at Utrecht’s main venue, Tivoli Oudegracht and will not merely involve eating cake and sipping coffee. No sir, there will also be music! Please behold our humble line up!

Blonde Redhead (us)
Moon & Sun (swe)
The Black Atlantic (nl)
My bubba & Mi (is/se/dk)
Het Gloren (nl)

The evening will start early as doors open at 17:30. The first act will play at 18:30 (order will be announced soon). Good to know: the party will take place at two different stages. The bottom three of the above mentioned acts will kick things off in ‘The mirror room’ while Moon & Sun and Blonde Redhead will carry on the awesomeness at the main stage.
Tickets giving access to both rooms are limited to 200. Tickets for the main hall are available through Tivoli.nl but do not give access to the mirror room. In case you already bought a main hall ticket you can mail info@beepbeep.nl to get info about how to get access to the mirror room.

Tickets go by the price of €20,-
What are you waiting for!

Pretty red things

While you can already pre-order The Black Atlantic’s upcoming release ‘Darkling, I listen‘ on almighty vinyl we must not forget that their beautiful debut record ‘Reverence for Fallen Trees‘ is still out there. We’re happy to share with you that we’re still pushing the cd’s (new batch coming soon!) and the vinyl. Each pressing get’s their own special color and after green and orange now it’s time for:

Order your copy HERE.