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LCD Soundsystem’s Gavin Russom remixes Moon & Sun

Today our Swedish pride and joy Moon & Sun released the first single of it’s upcoming remix album titled ‘The Wild Things Remixed‘.

The track ‘Hunt’ was remixed by none only then Gavin Russom. Russom is an artist based in New York who has released music under various guises, including Black Leotard Front, Black Meteoric Star and The Crystal Ark, as well as collaborative work with Delia Gonzalez. He has also toured playing synths and percussion with LCD Soundsystem.

We’ll release this puppy on November 28th but you can already pre-order the CD with remixes or the CD/vinyl package, combining the remix cd with the original version of ‘The Wild Things‘ on 10″ vinyl.

The CD art was designed by Moon & Sun’s Monica herself. The end result is a remix of the original artwork by Nicole Martens. Check out a preview of this special package!

We’ll show you more artwork and fill you in on the details of this remix album, and the release party later. For now let’s enjoy the first track:

Hunt (Gavin Russom Remix)
Hunt – Gavin Russom Remix by Moon & Sun

Moon & Sun – The Wild Things Remixed

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  1. Bo (Prejka Remix)
  2. Bo (Gaerra / Ken Ood Remix)
  3. Bo (General Mustafa Remix)
  4. Hunt (Gavin Russom Remix)
  5. Hunt (Mats Björk Remix)
  6. Where The Wild Things Are (Flummig Mulch Remix)
  7. Salt & Indigo (Strange Boutique Remix)
  8. Salt & Indigo (Skeppet Remix)

Beep! Beep! Back Up the Truck

Beep! Beep! Presents: Josiah Wolf & Liz Wolf @ Ekko

It’s time for a little bit of live music boys ‘n girls. We’re proud to present to you Josiah & Liz Wolf performing at the awesome Ekko on November 9. While you read the rest of this post please start the video below first:

You might know Josiah Wolf from his band Why? who also performed at our very own Vette Analoge Shit night back in 2009. As off the 20th of this month the band will be touring through Europe again (tour dates here), but they unfortunately will not be playing in our little old country. Luckily for you Josiah and his lovely wife Liz will! And even luckier for us Dutchies: this will be the only show in the BeNeLux.

If you’re a (very) slow reader, the video above is done playing by now and you don’t need any more convincing (if you want some more though listen to Josiah on Spotify). So let’s jump to it:


whaty: Josiah Wolf & Liz Wolf
where: Ekko
when: 9 November
time: 20:30
dough: 10 euro
facebook event

New Release: My bubba & Mi – Wild & You

There’s no stopping our girls of My bubba & Mi! While they are currently in the USA for a two week tour and showcases at Culture Collide (LA) and CMJ (NY), we are very proud to present to you a brand new EP titled ‘Wild & You‘.

The juicy new EP by My bubba & Mi holds 5 new tunes in a shimmering flower sleeve. These tickling, silky like songs were born in spring days of longing, and became fully grown in a dense fruitful garden while rehearsing for a tour with the Tangarine Twins early this summer. Recording them shortly thereafter, here is now a lovely little jewel to savor and sip, right on time for cold dark fall. ‘Wild & You’ is released on Oct. 7 and introduced by a historic video for single ‘Through & Through’.

Listen to Wild & You HERE or go directly to our shop to buy this puppy.
And good news for all you free-music-hawking-music-buffs out there:

You can download this beauty of an EP for the price you decide to pay!

My bubba & Mi – Wild & You

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  1. Nothing Much
  2. Oh Kiss No
  3. Wild & You
  4. Good Night Heart
  5. Through & Through

All music by My bubba & Mi.
Performed by My bubba & Mi and the Tangarine Twins.
Beep! Beep! Back Up the Truck