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BEEP016: Moon & Sun – The Wild Things Remixed!

We are thrilled to present you ‘The Wild Things Remixed’ by Moon & Sun! The album is packed with remixes by friends of Moon & Sun from all over the world, the most eye-catching might be American musician Gavin Russom. Russom who has released music under various guises, including Black Meteoric Star The Crystal Ark is also known for his live performances with LCD Soundsystem. Other equal awesome contributions come from PrejkaGAERRAGeneral Mustafa, Mats Björk, Strange BoutiqueSkeppet. More info on them can be found if you scroll a little down.

‘The Wild Things Remixed’ comes in a stunning package. The artwork (originally designed by Nicole Martens) was remixed by Monica Tormell herself. Owh crap, we almost forgot actions speak louder then words. Put on those headphones amigos! It all starts HERE!

The Remixers

Prejka is a collective music blog based in Malmö, Sweden. Some of them run clubs, some do edits, some play in bands, some run record companies, some even make love to each other. What brings them together is of course the love for music and their dedicated effort to establish some sort of surrounding as a functional aphrodisiac community where you can get a sneak peak into their multi coloured living room. What you can expect to hear is everything from psyched out rhythmical expressions to sounds flirting with a lust of experimentation, further on towards lush disco and unknown algorithms.

GAERRA is Rickard Daun, his alias for making more or less disturbing industrial-woodoo-weirdness. Martin Nordbeck is Malmös most active (but not most wellknowned) musicmaker. Under the name Ken Ood they create a blend of techno-house-acid-drone-music concrete, live and improvised.

General Mustafa is the Swedish artist and musician Karl Georg Staffan Björk. He is the co-producer and drummer of Moon & Sun and has played in bands like Mustafa et Monique, Seamonster¹, Arsedestroyer and Hjärnsläpp.

Gavin Russom is a musician and artist signed to DFA Records. Over the years, Russom has released music under various guises, including Black Leotard Front, Black Meteoric Star and The Crystal Ark, as well as collaborative work with Delia Gonzalez. Russom lives in New York City. He has also toured playing synths and percussion with LCD Soundsystem. Known as “The Wizard” for his technical prowess (as well as for his signature flowing red beard), Russom has built instruments for the likes of James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), Tim Goldsworthy (UNKLE, The Loving Hand) and Bjorn Copeland (Black Dice).

Mats Björk is a Swedish sound artist with a past in large variety of constellations and styles (amongst other Seamonster¹ with his brother Staffan Björk), now exploring sound and music under the banner “free composition”.

Flummig Mulch was formed especially for this project. Extended delays – taping it seriously, while taping the hiss. It was made by two friends, deep in the Amsterdam ‘Bimmer’.

Strange Boutique is the joining of forces between Nicole Martens and Femke Dekker of My Little Underground. Used as a label for their various collaborative projects – whether it be fashion, art or music – Strange Boutique is a playground for two opinionated kindred spirits exhibiting a fondness of the strange, the weird, the psychedelic and some disco.

Skeppet from Malmö consists of Andreas Malm and Henrik Wallin (both members of long running project Fria Konstellationen, as well as heads in charge of the great Kosmisk Väg imprint). Skeppet is like a long and mesmerizing trip into the sun, and a truly beautiful take on kraut/kosmische music.

Stream the Moon & Sun Radio Release Party

Last Saturday (Nov 19th) the Moon & Sun crew got together with their merry bunch of remixers in the small but cozy studio of Red Light Radio to celebrate the release of the lovely The Wild Things Remixed. For no less then five hours the gang talked about the release, the remixers and of course they spun some records. It’s a great background tune while you’re working your way towards the weekend. And it’s an even better way to get to know some awesome new music.

The Wild Things Remixed will be available as off Monday 28 November. But cool people tend to pre order before that in our shop!

For now: Open those ears and clickerdieclick!

Moon & Sun ‘The Wild Things Remixed’ Broadcast Part 1 @ Red Light Radio 11-19-2011 by Red Light Radio

Moon & Sun ‘The Wild Things Remixed’ Broadcast Part 2 @ Red Light Radio 11-19-2011 by Red Light Radio

Moon & Sun ‘The Wild Things Remixed’ Broadcast Part 3 @ Red Light Radio 11-19-2011 by Red Light Radio

LEGUESSWHO?: Also we host…!

My oh my, we have to be careful not to become spoiled! With yesterdays announcement of the LEMINIWHO? line-up we almost forgot to mention that we also continue the tradition of hosting an intimate night with mind-blowing-tear-jerking songwriters during LEGUESSWHO?

Like at previous editions we are hosting the friday night at ‘Kargadoor’, Utrecht, which is situated in an amazing 11th century wharf cellar. Just as amazing is the line-up! Drum rollllll!

Snailhouse (CAN)
Paterfamilias of Montreal songwriting

Ryan Francesconi (US)
Guitar virtuoso and the main man on Joanna Newsom’s remarkable triple album “Have One On Me”.

Stranded Horse (FR)
Frenchman Yann Tambour, specialized in silencing rooms and flooring jaws!

Get your location/day/passe-partout here!

Festival: Le Mini Who? names announced

We’ve got so much stuff going on! That’s why we’d like to invite you to catch some of that energy that has been sucked out of our handsome bodies by visiting the tiny sister of the great LEGUESSWHO? festival. Since we are known for our love to do things for free we are stoked to tell you the line up of upcoming Saturday afternoons LEMINIWHO?

There you have it! This Saturday at Voorstraat, Utrecht!

Bass Drum of Death (US)
Swagger, riffs, hair, fuzz and surrender!

Swearing at Motorists (US)
“The Two Man Who” stadium rock band!

Snailhouse (CAN)
Paterfamilias of Montreal songwriting

Richard Buckner (US)
Merge recording artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada serving Alternative country

Ryan Francesconi (US)
Guitar virtuoso and the main man on Joanna Newsom’s remarkable triple album “Have One On Me”.

Het Gloren (BEEP)
Little sketch-like songs going hand in hand with grand musical gestures.

Case Mayfield (NL)
Great sounding Pain, grief, venom, anger and cynicism.

Bob Corn (IT)
Sad punk

Spilt Milk (NL)
Late 19th /early 20th century poets sung by Amsterdam youngsters.

Maison du Malheur (NL)
Old Time Music

All these sweet artists will perform in various stores around the ‘Voorstraat’ in Utrecht.

Last but not least the always delicious ‘Just Like Your Mom’ will serve the best veggie burgers at ACU (also at the Voorstraat).

Here’s a time table! and a PDF with all you need to know! See you at LEGUESSWHO!`

Sneak peek at Moon & Sun art

Join us exploring the world of Moon & Sun and the sister planets Prejka, Gaerra/Ken Ood, General Mustafa, Gavin Russom, Mats Björk, Flummig Mulch, Strange Boutique and Skeppet that for a moment will align their waves of sound.

Next Saturday evening, November 19th, Moon & Sun and the remixers will be listening to and talking about the tracks from ‘The Wild Things Remixed’ and ‘The Wild Things’ during a live radio broadcast by Red Light Radio. The guys will also be playing some tunes from all the musicians on the remix record, plus Moon & Sun will play some of her favorite music and so will Strange Boutique, General Mustafa and Mark.

Your host for the night is the wonderful Femke Dekker. Tune in at seven at http://www.redlightradio.net/

The Wild Things Remixed will be available as off Monday 21 November. You can pre-order this beauty now!

Check out how beautiful the artwork has become!

New song by The Black Atlantic!

The Black Atlantic is back and grooving it in 6/8′s this time! It’s been two years since releasing their successful debut album which brought them all over the world, from Holland to the US to China and back. During those two years these guys aged musically like a fine wine. Their new single The Flooded Road which was released today, is a beautiful nostalgic track that makes us want to slow dance with our high school sweethearts.  And we will do exactly such a thing tonight!

The full EP titled Darkling, I Listen will be available as a free stream as off December 5. The physical copies – CD / Vinyl / Playbutton –  will be released January 13th during Europes best showcase festival Eurosonic. Get with it!

Are you a smart little Internetter? Then you best pre order a copy of Darkling at The Black Atlantic’s website asap! You’ll be holding your Darkling a month before the official release. Whop! Whop!

Le Mini Who? festival?

Every year we try to contribute our humble share to Hollands best festival and this year will be no exception! ‘How do you mean?’ Well here’s a little glimpse of what we are up to! On Saturday November 26th Beep! Beep! Back Up The Truck and the awesome
Le Guess Who? festival present the free mini-festival “Le Mini Who?”.

In collaboration with various shops and cafes in and around the Voorstraat in Utrecht we will present mini gigs and viewings of some pretty awesome artists! The fun will take place between 12:00 and 18:00 at various locations. Participating locations at Le Mini Who? are Plato record store, The Village Coffee …& Music, Puha, VinVin, Klijs & Boon, Café ‘t Hart, De Voortuin and Café Sussies. Besides a very extensive and varied music program, Klijs & Boon will show various videos and graphic designer Carlien Peijsel will display her ‘habit’ project in Puha. Exclusively for Le Guess Who? wristband-holders there have been arranged various discounts at these participating partners.

The program of Le Mini Who? will be announced on Friday, November 18th , during the warm-up party with Sleep and Pure X ∞ in EKKO. This pre-party is free for festival pass holders – other visitors pay € 5 entrance.
As always! Feel free to RSVP!