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Ready to order: Conduits!

A few weeks ago we announced the release of the moody, atmospheric, shoegazey, drone record of Omaha, NB based luminaries ‘Conduits‘.

With the date set for March 20th, the release of our next gem is approaching fast. Now that preparation is in full swing we are all excited that Conduits’ 9 songs album is now available as pre-order in our online shop. The record is available in two options: CD digipack or 12″ vinyl + CD wallet. Personally we recommend the Vinyl+CD option, which basically sets you up for some intimate listening parties in your dimlit room, just you and your awesome record player as well as those sing-a-long moments in your car on the road. If you don’t feel the need to own that nostalgic pitch black disc you can always decide to go for the digi pack CD option. Pretty snazzy as well! Well, the time has come to make up your mind.

Listen to the opening track in the player below.

Vinylly! Darkling, I listen! (plus dates)

Following last months release of The Black Atlantic‘s latest effort Darkling, I listen, we are now proud to serve you those same stunning tracks on the medium we love most. A beautiful 180 grams, 12 inch vinyl, wrapped in a high quality gate fold sleeve! I guess the only thing that can beat this is a live concert. Yet we recommend to spin the record several times before you go to that concert. Like Mr. Rabbit always used to say: ‘A trained ear is inherent to a joyful life’. Who dares to argue such knowledge? Not us!

The artwork is created by visual artists Tracy Maurice and Matt Moroz, known for their artwork for Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade.

Can you believe that what you hear below sounds even better on vinyl!

Ok, enough! You can buy a copy by clicking on the image or link below!

and (or) you can catch them live on one of the following dates.

27.02.12 – DE – Darmstadt @ Oettinger Villa - Info
29.02.12 – NL – Groningen @ Oosterpoort w/ Damien Jurado - Tickets
01.03.12 – NL – Den Haag @ Paard van Troje w/ Luik - Tickets
02.03.12 – NL – Leeuwarden @ Asteriks w/ Houses - Info
16.03.12 – NL – Deventer @ Burgerweeshuis w/ Luik - Info
29.03.12 – NL – Amsterdam @ Brakke Grond – Sonic Connections - Info
28.04.12 – NL – Münster @ Bar Pension Schmidt
19.05.12 – NL – Amersfoort @ de Kelder – Tickets
01.09.12 – NL – Utrecht @ Tivoli de Helling - Tickets

Ever expanding: We’re in the tour support business!

Hi kids,

I know.. I know. We’ve been slacking off a bit when it comes to updating our website. Excuses are for wimps, so here’s the excuse: behind the scenes things are crazy – and we mean ka!-ree!-siie! busy with us not only signing on the world’s awesomest new acts (yes, we have more good stuff coming up), we’re also expending our company and moving into new and exciting directions.

Today, we’re proud to tell you we’ve started Truché Tour Support. It’s the perfect place to hire your wheels, backline and drivers for the road. It’s the perfect tour support company for up and coming bands with international ambition. You can read more about our plans and ideas for this baby on the new website.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that Truché stays true to that lovely combination we’re famous for: modesty – handsomeness & bad jokes. No I’m kidding: Awesomeness, Honesty & Affordable. That’s Truché for ya.

Check out the new site! And musician: Go Hit That Road!