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Video: Conduits – Last Dirge

Our shoegaze-drone heroes Conduits have released their new video for the single ‘Last Dirge’, taken from their self-titled debut. The eerie video focuses on lead singer Jenna Morrison who appears to flee in a dark forest, trying to prevent the inevitable. Enjoy the ride!

Press Round-up: Conduits

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve released Conduit’s self-titled debut album (which you can listen to here) and we thought it’d be fun to take a look at what the press and the all-mighty bloggers have been saying about our latest and greatest. We’ll be updating the list below as results keep coming in. Enjoy.

That’s what she said!

This shit ain’t haunting, it’s soaring. [..] Conduits aren’t haunting, they aren’t brooding, or depressing, or evil at all. It’s soaring, spacious, like the wide open sky to a bird. It’s a privilege to come across such good music, music that needs a wider audience, needs to be heard, needs to be supported, and bought.
Shut Your Fucking Face And Listen (US) gives a 9/10.

This is a terrific record, very well put together and sequenced. I’m impressed with the talent, chops and especially the power of this band.
When You Motor Away (US) on Conduits’ debut.

As it progresses, Conduits’ eponymous debut album gains steam in an unassuming manner. [...] Conduits seems to transcend the typical parameters of time; as in a dream, a single song lasts an eternity.
Jerk Magazine (US) is kinder than the name made us expect. 4,5/5

The airy atmosphere of Conduits recalls Lemolo and Beach House, while the distortion and reverb bring out the angst that helps set the band apart. The ethereal flow of Conduits makes for a perfect Summer roadtrip soundtrack complete with open windows, wind-blown hair, and nightly bonfires on a beach.
SSG Music (US) shows they understand the band.

Over the years, I’ve fallen victim to the love-at-first-listen curse a few too many time to think that they will all stand the test of time. However, with the depth and variation displayed here, I can say that this album still getting better and better with each listen, and I see no reason that will change.
SearchDat (US) shares the love.

There really isn’t a bad track on the album, and stand-out track, “Misery Train,” is sure to get a lot of deserved attention with it’s bleak organ/synth loop, dreamy guitar textures, and devastating bass line that knows just when to come in and bounce with the drums.
The Majestic Show (US) telling us how it is.

At its best, Conduits stands with the best of its shoegazer/noise-pop antecedents. With its rippling bass lines, storming drums, dynamic-with-descending-progression chorus, and searing guitar motif, “The Wonder” is what Cocteau Twins might’ve sounded like had they injected notions of actually rocking out into their sonic éclair.
East Bay Express (US) reviewing it up.

The success is warranted – “Misery Train,” the album’s second track, is another song perfect for secluding yourself in your room, lights off, and thinking. There is a vaguely religious feeling between Morrison’s voice and the breathy, fuzzed out guitars and samples.
Sadie Magazine (US) review.

Conduits delivers a beautiful combination of Warpaint, Stereolab, Broadcast, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Land Of Talk, Fairport Convention, Cocteau Twins and Spiritualized. They succeed in blending this mix into their own style and sound. It’s truly a pleasure to close your eyes and drift away, floating on the waves of their dream-like splendor.
Caleidoscoop (NL)

Perfecting the Puzzle – Conduits piece together new album
Interview with Conduits’ band members Jenna Morrison, J.J. Idt and Nate Mickish on the creation of the band’s debut album.

Conduits Interview – 21.2.12
Absolutely Punk interviews the band.

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