/ 09

My bubba & Mi invade Denmark

Writing songs can be intense. So if one does, one might need a break. Well, My bubba & Mi do and they take that break in the form of a little tour. Through Denmark to be exact. So if you are visiting Denmark next week (or if you happen to live there…) why not take a break as well! It’s time well spent. We can promise you that. Besos! Dear bears!

15-09 Global – Copenhagen, Denmark
19-09 Fairbar – Århus, Denmark
20-09 Klub Husfred – Aalborg, Denmark
21-09 Louisiana (Museum of Modern Art) – Humlebæk, Denmark
22-09 Husets Café, Huset i Magstraede – Copenhagen, Denmark

Broeder Dieleman joins the family!

Ok, let’s cut to the chase. We have a soft spot for music that breathes Dutch countryside. We already had one artist who’s gifted with this talent and now we found another one. He goes by the name of ‘broeder Dieleman‘. Raised in Zeeland (old zealand that is) broeder Dieleman became interwoven with the scenery and cultural characteristics of this still most authentic Dutch region. Now most of you will probably have a hard time understanding Dutch lyrics (especially in a specific dialect called ‘Zeeuws-Vlaams”), but a quick spin of his first single should make you feel the sea breeze blowing through the flatlands.

For now we’ll leave you with the intriguing video for the song “Duuzend Veugels”. His full length album “Alles is ijdelheid” (“all is vanity”) is set for December 1th and will appear on Vinyl and CD. Expect an interview later today.

Check out ‘broeder Dielemans’ profile here if you’re ready to dig in a little deeper.

Broeder Dieleman – Duuzend Veugels by Beep! Beep!