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broeder Dieleman – Alles is ijdelheid

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  1. Morgen
  2. Duuzend Veugels
  3. Zingen Bij Beurte
  4. Zilverspa
  5. Genade
  6. Polderevangelie
  7. Sneeuw
  8. De Nieuwe Zeven Jaar
  9. OLV van de Polder

Beep! Beep! Back Up the Truck
Sonic Rendezvous

Pre order ‘Alles is ijdelheid’

It’s no secret we’re a Dutch label. We’re very much internationally focused with Americans, Swedes, Canadians and even Icelandic people on our roster. But still – Dutch we are and we’re proud of it. Since we payed attention in school – or is it because we watch way too many American movies? – we’re able to communicate with ya’ll in this lovely English lingo but you’ll understand that amongst ourselves we break out the good old Dutch language. It’s not really fair though that it’s always us who have to adept when it comes to our means of communication. Why don’t you guys throw in a Dutch word or two every once and a while? Probably, because you can’t. So, it’s time for a little lesson in Dutch. In todays lesson we’ll start of with three simple words, and really, all you need to know for now.

Here goes.

Het Gloren (pronunciation; grab a small chicken bone and stick it way back in your throat. Did that? Good, that choking sound is what we need. Simply add ‘loren’ to that and you’re golden). Meaning: ‘dawn’, ‘soft rays’. As in: the dawn of the new day reveals a shitload of bears gathering in the middle of the pond. Weird shit!

Broeder (pronunciation; bru-duhr). Meaning ‘brother’. As in: what hulk hogan usually says after a sentence (source). That’s right brother!

Voorverkoop (pronunciation; just wing it, you’ll be good). Meaning: ‘pre sale’. As in:

Hey! We just started the pre sale of broeder Dielemans new beautiful album ‘Alles is ijdelheid’ which is coming out December first! Pre order this puppy today and we’ll ship it to you on November 23rd including an sweet and personal note by the broeder himself. We’re keeping that shit exclusive and personal, you know how we do!

Well folks, that just about wraps up today’s lesson. Keep practicing and don’t forget to buy our instruction CD or Vinyl titled ‘Alles is ijdelheid’ with nine beautiful dutch songs on ‘em. Peace!




Conduits announces European tour

Ladies and gents, we’re stoked to announce the very first European tour by Conduits! As off the 31st of October our five American friends will be touring our lovely continent and visiting Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France and of course The Netherlands. Earlier this month the incredible self-titled debut record (stream it | buy it) has been released in all said countries (with the exception of Italy) and reviews so far have been awesome. Do yourself a favor and pick up some tickets to a show nearby you. You, sir, will not be disappointed.

31.10.12 » LINZ (AT) » Posthof — w/ The Divine Comedy, Belle & Sebastian DJ Set
01.11.12 » VIENNA (AT) » B72 — Der Gute Club
02.11.12 » WINTERTHUR (CH) » Gaswerk
03.11.12 » LUZERN (CH) » Südpol
04.11.12 » INNSBRUCK (AT) » Bäckerei — w/ Das Trojanische Pferd
07.11.12 » GRAZ (AT) » Forum Stadtpark
08.11.12 » BOLZANO (IT) » Halle 28
09.11.12 » AFLENZ (AT) » Sublime
10.11.12 » WEYER (AT) » Bertholdsaal
13.11.12 » OFFENBACH (DE) » Hafen 2
15.11.12 » HAMBURG (DE) » Nachtasyl
16.11.12 » DRESDEN (DE) » Blaue Fabrik
17.11.12 » NÜRNBERG (DE) » Stereo — special afternoon show!!
20.11.12 » BORDEAUX (FR) » El Chico
21.11.12 » PARIS (FR) » L’International
22.11.12 » UTRECHT (NL) » DB’s — free for The XX visitors!!

Back Up the Truck at Le Guess Who(Oot) festival!

Now let us start this post by saying that we (over at the Beep! office) have a sincere aversion towards popular slang like the “whoOoting” thing. On the other hand we have a predilection for saying cringeworthy stuff. I guess this one was so obvious that we just couldn’t resist. Yet equally important, you just got to know us a little better! Sooooo…what’s so whoOot?

It’s our contribution to this years edition of the by now legendary Le Guess Who? festival. Just like the past four years we will host two venues on the Friday night and the line up is pretty “WhoOot” if we may say so. To make a long story short, the line up for:

Venue #1: Ekko

Lower Dens (Ribbon music)

(indie rock band from Baltimore formed by Jana Hunter)

Why? (Anticon)

(Mixture between pop, electronics en avanthop makes the addictive antidote for one dimensional hip hop)

Night Beds (Dead Oceans)

(Has been described as the red eye of a cigarette in the dark, or it the dawn peeking out. We call it pop, we like pop)

Venue #2: Kargadoor

broeder Dieleman (Beep! Beep! Back Up the Truck)

(Our very own Dutch folk hero on the day before the release of his album “Alles is ijdelheid” )

Joe RL Phelps

(Montana based songwriter know for is part in the classic indie rock band Silkworm)

Marisa Anderson (Mississipi Records)

(…is a psychic consultant and medium from Scarsdale, New York, but that’s not the Marisa we’re having over. “Our” Marisa is a multi-instrumentalist from Portland and you’ll love her!)

Get your ticket while it’s hot!

Make sure to check out the entire line up as well of course, you wouldn’t want to miss out on: Do Make Say Think, Dirty Three, Mono, Little Wings, Sandro Perri, Lapalux, Black Bombaim, Chris Cohen, Thulebasen, Stubborn Heart, Tropa Macaca, Naytronix, DJ Fitz, Postmodem, H-Sik, 20th Century Hansa, The Fire Harvest, Kleinindustrie, Those Foreign Kids, Do Make Say Think, Dirty Three, Mono, Little Wings, Sandro Perri, Lapalux, Black Bombaim, Chris Cohen, Thulebasen, Stubborn Heart, Tropa Macaca, Naytronix, DJ Fitz, Postmodem, H-Sik, 20th Century Hansa, The Fire Harvest, Kleinindustrie, Those Foreign Kids, Grimes, Tim Hecker, Machinedrum, Mala, AmenRa, Cate Le Bon, Adrian Sherwood, Beak>, Ravens & Chimes, Prince Rama, Débruit, Seams, Zammuto, Objekt, Palmbomen (Live), Team Ghost, Oathbreaker, Mac DeMarco, Chain and the Gang, Matana Roberts, Old Apparatus, Camera, Benji B, Erin Lang & The Foundlings, Lucrecia Dalt, Sunflare, Grup Ses Beats, Man From The South, Birdt, Destroyer, Sharon van Etten, Grouper, Ty Segall, Hayden, DIIV, Ringo Deathstarr, White Fence, The Luyas, Fidlar, Adrian Crowley, Nick Waterhouse, Night Beats, Xray Eyeballs, Allah-Las, Paul Collins Beat, The Feeling of Love, Acid Baby Jesus, Land Observations, The Revival Hour, Cheatahs, Jacco Gardner, Traumahelikopter, Brat Farrar, Jerusalem In My Heart, Ty Segall Band, White Fence, Allah-Las, Fidlar, Night Beats, Traumahelikopter, Nick Waterhouse, Paul Collins Beat, Brat Farrar, Jacco Gardner, Acid Baby Jesus, The Feeling of Love and XRay Eyeballs Now would you!

Coming Up: ‘The Black Atlantic’ China tour 2012

Right before a well deserved break The Black Atlantic will finish this year with their second China tour. On this trip the band will be supported by ‘Halo of Pendor’ the alter ego of Daniel Öhman also know for his contribution to Swedish post rock band EF. So if you happen to be in the neighborhood! Here are the dates:

17-10 – Beijing – Yugong Yishan
18-10 – Zhengzhou – 7 Livehouse
19-10 – Xian – Aperture
20-10 – Chengdu – The little Bar
22-10 – Chongqing – Nuts
23-10 – Shenzhen – Hongtangguan
24-10 – Guangzhou – T-Union
25-10 – Nanjing – 61 House
26-10 – Shanghai – Yuyintang
27-10 – Wuhan – Vox
28-10 – Hangzhou – West Lake Festival