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What’s up with broeder Dieleman and The Black Atlantic?

Heya brothers and sisters. With Noorderslag/Eurosonic behind us we figured to give you a little update. First of all ‘broeder Dieleman’ had a great time playing his showcase last weekend. Apparently the crowd and the press did too. Here’s some proof by 3voor12 who headline ‘Broeder Dieleman purifies the hearts’ but also Kindamuzik is touched by the beauty of his songs.

And then this. Tomorrow (Thursday evening) Broeder Dieleman will appear at ‘Kunststof’ on Radio 1 at 19:00. Expect a proper interview and a live set!

Now before we switch to The Black Atlantic we would like to share this paparazzi picture taken of ‘broeder Dieleman’ just minutes after his own set. We guess that great tension comes great discharge :)

Thanks Ruben van Vliet!

And then a quicky! The Black Atlantic is in the middle of a small European tour right before they head to the US. More on that later. Here are the dates.

15.01.2013 – CH – Fribourg @ Fri-Son w/ Janssen
16.01.2013 – CH – Aarau @ KiFF w/ Kim Janssen
17.01.2013 – CH – St. Gallen @ Grabenhalle
19.01.2013 – IT – Steinegg @ Kulturhaus Steinegg
20.01.2013 – DE – Münster @ Pension Schmidt w/ Kim Janssen

broeder Dieleman at Noorderslag

After an impressive list of raving reviews and two gigs in Hollands most fabled venue ‘Paradiso’ within one month we can say that ‘broeder Dieleman‘ has kicked of 2013 with a flying start. The next hurdle will be the Noorderslag showcase festival in Groningen on Saturday, January 12 where our brother will play at Oosterpoort at 19:45 in the patio.

Now if you happen to be around as a guest or a journalist, maybe you should go and check what this buzz is about. Kindamuzik already called him the cherry on the Noorderslag pie!

Meanwhile you should check out this freshly recorded Hank Williams cover

Not going to Noorderslag? broeder Dieleman has scheduled the following shows in the upcoming months:

12-01 – Noorderslag (Oosterpoort/Patio) 19:45, Groningen
23-01 – Burgerweeshuis café, Deventer
01-02 – Paradiso, Amsterdam
02-02 – Patronaat, Haarlem
03-02 – Breda, Mezz Café
01-03 – Let’s get lost, Zwolle w/ Adrian Crowley
02-03 – Ekko, Utrecht, w/ Adrian Crowley
29-03 – de Kelder (inspiratieboot), Amersfoort

Happy new year amigos!