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New dates for My bubba & Mi, the Black Atlantic and broeder Dieleman

Hey LA, UK, DK, and Holland. Let’s enjoy spring with Beeps finest!

12-05 Broeder Dieleman | Straatfestival, Overzande
23-05 Broeder Dieleman | W2 | Toonzaal, Den Bosch
19-06 Broeder Dieleman | Oerol, Terschelling
20-06 Broeder Dieleman | Oerol, Terschelling
21-06 Broeder Dieleman | Oerol, Terschelling
10-08 Broeder Dieleman | Grote Kerk, Groede
15-09 Broeder Dieleman | Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
19-09 Broeder Dieleman | Paradiso, Amsterdam
21-09 Broeder Dieleman | Zaal onder de toren, Wissenkerke
16-10 Broeder Dieleman | Merleyn, Nijmegen
24-10 Broeder Dieleman | De NWE Vorst, Tilburg

11-04 the black atlantic | Red Shoe Sessions, Nijmegen
12-04 the black atlantic | Luxor, Arnhem
13-04 the black atlantic | De Unie, Rotterdam
14-04 the black atlantic | Patronaat, Haarlem
18-04 the black atlantic | W2, Den Bosch
17-05 the black atlantic | The Great Escape Festival, Brighton (UK)
18-05 the black atlantic | The Great Escape Festival, Brighton (UK)

18-04 My Bubba & Mi | Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles (CA)
02-05 My Bubba & Mi | Studenterhuset, Copenhagen (DK)
04-05 My Bubba & Mi | Dexter, Odense C (DK)
05-05 My Bubba & Mi | Templet Kongens, Lyngby (DK)

And while you’re here anyway, did you check out this beauty already?


Check out the brand new video for broeder Dieleman ‘snow’

broeder Dieleman serves you the second video of his album ‘Alles is IJdelheid‘ right before he will make his appearance at the notable Motel Mozaique festival in Rotterdam. We bet you have never seen a video clip that fits the theme better for a song that’s called ‘Sneeuw’ (snow). Enjoy!

Nice job Eduard Walhout/InMyOpinion!

If you want to know what scares broeder Dieleman? 3voor12 just published a nice interview!

05-04 – Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam
12-05 – Straatfestival, Ovezande
23-05 – W2, Den Bosch
10-08 – Grote Kerk, Groede
more dates soon tba soon.