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Alden Penner is a Canadian musician and producer from Montreal, Canada. In 2000 Penner formed The Unicorns together with high school friend Nicholas Thorburn and Jamie Thompson. The band released two albums ‘Unicorns are people too’ and their hit album ‘Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?’ which garnered critical acclaim.

After the band broke up in 2004, Alden returned in 2007 with a new group called ‘Clues’ which’s self-titled debut album was released on May 19th 2009 on Constellation Records.

On april 4th 2011 Alden Penner released his first solo effort since 2005 through Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck. The recording named ‘Odes to the house’ documents a collection of songs written during a three month journey through Africa and the middle east.


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Alden Penner – Odes to the house

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  1. Last shelter
  2. The fountain of the living
  3. The mountain of significance
  4. The house won’t pass

All songs written by Alden Penner.

Beep! Beep! Back Up the Truck