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Conduits, an Omaha band consisting of members of The Good Life, Eagle Seagull, Son Ambulance, Neva Dinova, Cursive, and The Golden Age, was formed in late 2009. Built from an equal love of drone, shoegaze, post rock, early synth, and the 1970′s, their sound exists in a world bigger than the sum of its parts: chiming guitars, steady drum beats, analog synths, proggy basslines, and beautiful female vocals that are strong enough to not get lost in the swirling soundscapes. Read more…


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Conduits – Self titled

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Conduits – Conduits

  1. Top of the Hill
  2. Misery Train
  3. Limbs and Leaves
  4. The Wonder
  5. On the Day
  6. Last Dirge
  7. Blood
  8. Well

Beep! Beep! Back Up the Truck