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Moon & Sun is the work of Swedish songwriter and visual artist Monica Tormell. Influenced by lonesome, gloomy atmospheres and Caribbean tunes her music sets out to explore sonic constellations from the primitive to the
electronic and manipulated.

‘The Wild Things’ was written and recorded in Curacao, in the woods of Sweden and in Amsterdam. Every location has had it’s own impact and demanded a distinct presence on the record. It’s a journey through landscapes, changing from beautiful picture views into ghostly midnight lands, a place where reality, imagination and time blur together.

Moon & Sun is the observer traveling from palm trees to pine trees trying to translate it both musically and lyrically, using instruments like the tambu drum, steeldrums, clavé sticks and the Swedish zither.

The record was co-produced by Staffan Björk. The two of them have worked together many times before in sonic art projects and several bands. Their last band being the shy shoegaze duo Mustafa et Monique.

Monica went to Curacao for the first time in 2009 where she had an artist residency for 3 months at Instituto Buena Bista (IBB). She met a local percussionist, Crisanta Martha, and started recording her drumming which later came to function as Moon & Sun’s own ‘drum-library’. Within a year’s time Monica went back again.

Reading the book ‘Zoutrif ’ by Miriam Sluis and taking walks through the beautiful, but traumatized, ruins of the old plantation area (Rif) together with the author inspired Monica to write the song ‘Salt & Indigo’.

The song Bo is a tribute to the Swedish musician Bo Hansson, who past away earlier this year, describing a sense of belonging when you stand alone outside your cottage on the Swedish countryside surrounded by the woods and the midnight sky.

The record cover is made by Nicole Martens. The different images puttogether in a kaleidoscope-like way are all glimpses of the places; the foggy view outside Monica’s cottage in Karleby, Sweden, the back-yard of the IBB house and the stark silver tree from Zoutrif on Curacao.

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