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Moon & Sun is the work of Swedish songwriter and visual artist Monica Tormell. Influenced by lonesome, gloomy atmospheres and Caribbean tunes her music sets out to explore sonic constellations from the primitive to the electronic and manipulated.

The Wild Things was written and recorded on Curacao, in the woods of Sweden and in Amsterdam, all with an impact and a presence on the record. It’s a journey through landscapes, changing from beautiful picture views into ghostly midnight lands, a place where reality, imagination and time blur together. Read more…


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Moon & Sun – The Wild Things Remixed

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  1. Bo (Prejka Remix)
  2. Bo (Gaerra / Ken Ood Remix)
  3. Bo (General Mustafa Remix)
  4. Hunt (Gavin Russom Remix)
  5. Hunt (Mats Björk Remix)
  6. Where The Wild Things Are (Flummig Mulch Remix)
  7. Salt & Indigo (Strange Boutique Remix)
  8. Salt & Indigo (Skeppet Remix)

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