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‘Friends & Family’

  1. Shameless
  2. Brenda
  3. Anika
  4. Mornings
  5. Dead like shadows
  6. Way
  7. Amore

All songs written and performed by Joep van Son & Nikoo.



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In March 2010 the Dutch band Nikoo released its first EP. The record is offered as a free download with a smoking hot video clip accompanying the single Cow. The trendsetting American music platform Pitchfork praises the inventive noise-pop of Eindhoven-based Joep van Son and his band members. In the dark days of December 2010 the second EP titled Friends & Family is released through the Utrecht-based quality label Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck. Van Son: “Nikoo irritates. At least, I hope it does.”

A craze for raw, raunchy pop music got Joep van Son writing in early 2010. After merely one hour of rehearsing, the productive quintet enters the studio for the recording of six abrasive and urgent songs. “I love musician’s first impulses. Short rehearsals keep the creativity and hunger fresh. You can hear that in our recordings”, says Van Son. The first EP was received with enthusiasm: “Somewhere between Sonic Youth at its most rocking, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead at its fuzziest and Dinosaur jr. at its most melodious moments”, according to renowned music magazine OOR. VPRO’s 3VOOR12 adds: “A band that pushes boundaries and goes beyond them to create something new.”

The recipe for success is repeated at the end of 2010. Friends & Family, with its seven songs, screams for attention. Songs about women, girls, exes and movies, all recorded by band member and producer Rob Bours. This second release is available from December 20th onwards. For now only digitally and through a ‘pay what you want’ construction. The artwork is created by Dutch music photographer Nick Helderman (Oor, Vice, 3VOOR12, Self-Titled Magazine).

Live, Nikoo is an uncomfortable beast: hard and over the top. The band’s potential was spotted by VPRO’s 3voor12 who invited the group to their stage at the Le Guess Who? festival. In January 2011 the band plays in Groningen after receiving an invitation by prestigious showcase festival Eurosonic. In the spring of 2011 Nikoo will start its first European tour and afterwards will begin recording the first full-length album. This record will see the light of day through Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck as well.

Nikoo is a noise-pop beast to love. Songs and productions of international class. No bells and whistles, full of threat, urgency and sex. Raw and pure, hard and overwhelming. Joep van Son and his four noise makers take you by surprise as no other, full of inconvenience and dispossession.

Nikoo signs with Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck: “We can use all the help we can get to distribute Nikoo far and wide. Beep! Beep! to me is the most innovative label in the Netherlands. It has an eye for a good product and is visually and promotionally strong.”

Nikoo consists of: Joep Van Son (The Sugarettes, The Very Sexuals), Mariska Louman (The Sugarettes, Foam), Rob Bours (The Very Sexuals, among others), Hugo Ploegmakers (Foam, among others), Mike Dobber (Klaus Womb & Penny super pony strip) and Pim Verlaek (Pien Feith band).

Nikoo, een Nederlands noise-pop beest

“Je eerste impulsen op de band gooien”

In maart 2010 verschijnt de eerste EP van het Nederlandse Nikoo. De plaat wordt aangeboden als gratis download met een geilwoeste clip bij single Cow. Het toonaangevende Amerikaanse muziekplatform Pitchfork roemt de inventieve noise-pop van Eindhovenaar Joep van Son en de zijnen. In de donkere dagen van december 2010 verschijnt de tweede EP getiteld Friends & Family bij het Utrechtse kwaliteitslabel Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck. Van Son: Nikoo irriteert. Althans, dat hoop ik.”

Een voorliefde voor onafgewerkte, smerige popmuziek zette Joep van Son begin 2010 aan het schrijven. Na amper een uur repeteren, duikt het productieve vijftal de studio in voor de opname van zes schurende en urgente liedjes. “Ik hou van de impusen van muzikanten. Kort repeteren komt de creativiteit en honger ten goede. Dat hoor je terug in de opnames,” aldus Van Son. De eersteling werd met enthousiasme onthaald: “Ergens tussen Sonic Youth op zijn rockendst, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead op zijn fuzziest en Dinosaur jr. op zijn meest melodieuze momenten in.”, aldus gerenommeerd muziektijdschrijft OOR. VPRO’s 3VOOR12 voegt daaraan toe: Een band die grenzen opzoekt en ze verlegt om zo iets nieuws te creëren.”

Het succesrecept wordt eind 2010 nog eens over gedaan. Het zeven nummers tellende Friends & Family schreeuwt om aandacht. Liedjes over vrouwen, meisjes, exen en films opgenomen door groepslid en producer Rob Bours. Deze tweede release is vanaf 20 december verkrijgbaar. Voorlopig enkel digitaal en middels een ‘pay what you want’ constructie. Het artwork is tot stand gekomen in samenwerking met de Nederlandse muziekfotograaf Nick Helderman (Oor, Vice, 3VOOR12, Self-Titled Magazine).

Live is Nikoo een ongemakkelijk beest: hard en over the top. De potentie werd al opgemerkt door VPRO’s 3VOOR12 die de groep uitnodigde voor hun podium tijdens het Utrechtse Le Guess Who? festival. In januari 2011 speelt de band in Groningen op uitnodiging van het grote showcasefestival Eurosonic. In het voorjaar van 2011 begint Nikoo de eerste Europese tour waarna het zich richt op de eerste langspeler. Deze plaat zal eveneens volgend jaar het licht zien via Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck.

Nikoo is: Een noise-pop beest om van te houden. Liedjes en producties van internationale klasse. Wars van opschmuck, vol dreiging, urgentie en seks. Rauw en puur, hard en overdonderend. Joep van Son en zijn vier herriemakers overrompelen als geen ander, met ongemak en overgave.

Nikoo tekent bij Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck: “Wij kunnen alle hulp gebruiken om Nikoo wijd te verspreiden. Beep! Beep! is wat mij betreft het meest innovatieve label van Nederland. Het heeft oog voor een mooi product en is visueel en promotioneel sterk.”

Nikoo bestaat uit: Joep Van Son (The Sugarettes, The Very Sexuals), Mariska Louman (The Sugarettes, Foam), Rob Bours (o.a. The Very Sexuals), Hugo Ploegmakers (o.a. Foam), Mike Dobber (Klaus Womb & Penny super pony strip) en Pim Verlaek (Pien Feith band).

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File Under
"Just like with lo-fi heroes Eric's Trip this quintet has mastered the art of creating beautiful little songs. This second EP is no exception. Priority number one is the song, which then gets covered in layers of noise and all kinds of squeaking, screaming sounds."

Kicking the Habit
"Even more then on the first Nikoo EP dating from March 2010 the seven compact songs are very poppy, at times even very catchy, but always covered in thick layers of distortion and guitar fuzz."

"Marquee" is a track from the EP, and it features a barn-burning melody surrounded by guitar noise and ambient fuzz."

"This record is no easy ride. No, you have to work hard to master it. Not because there's no end to it, but because of the wall of sound created by the heavy drums, gnarly distortion and great singing. Beneath this blanket of noise there are hidden beautiful melodies and coherent singing. Don't get me wrong, this blanket shouldn't go. No, it's exactly what makes this record nice and filthy."

ROAR E-zine
"Compared to it's predecessor it all sounds fuller and more diverse. First EP '
Nikoo' came straight at you, but 'Friends & Family' is more dreamy and presents a clear mix of noise pop and rock. But don't be surprised when you get blown away by 'Mornings' or 'Way'."

"A band that pushes the boundaries and goes beyond them to create something new. When the band is able to perform the correct mix as on the record, it will have no boundaries whatsoever."

"This debut EP, which was supposed to be obscure but got discovered by that one influential American website and rightfully described as burning melodies with guitarnoise and distortion. Somewhere between Sonic Youth at its most rocking, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead at its fuzziest and Dinosaur jr. at its most melodious. If those names don't tell you much, you could also take Japandroids, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and No Age as reference points."

Milk Milk Lemonade
"Nikoo is a new music project that once again finds Joep Van Son surrounded by friends for a raucous self-titled, debut EP release that deserves a close listen."

"It's Dreamy and loud at the same time, full of raunchy guitars like the earlier work of Dinosaur Jr. Throwing Muses or more recently The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, and no less with guest vocals provided by AC Berkheimer's Gwendolien Douglas; that's how we like it!"