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Vette Analoge Shit! started in 1997 as a label night for Zabel Music, a small-scale platform for independent, uncompromised music.

Zabel was initiated by Utrecht bands like Emscher, Mercy Giants and Stillwell in 1997. After a number of their own releases, Soda P was Zabel’s first ‘outside the group’ release. Many others followed: About Paris, Amateur, Barra Head (DK), Boy Ler, Cheech Wizard/Firetime, Ex.Con, Green Concorde (SW), Jimmy Barock, Milaus (IT), Mono, Ponycamp, Sennen, Sincabeza (FR), Tom Sweetlove (BE), Tse Tse Airline, White Broncos and We vs. Death.

By the end of 2004 the label changed owners to Soda P and We vs. Death members. They released records, booked shows and tours for a good four years until they found it was time to pull the plug in 2007.

Although Zabel Music no longer excists, Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck is now the new proud host of Vette Analoge Shit! and will continue to book independent must-see artists.